by Joshua Kent on June 2, 2021

Zambia Aims to Harmonize Current Gambling Laws of the Country

The gaming and lotteries laws in Zambia seem to be causing revenue loss for the government – That’s why there was a meeting held in Solwezi, where the technical committee made a decision to harmonize current laws regarding the gambling industry of the country. According to Gambling Insider, the legal framework of Zambia is currently exploited, which at the same time causes rapid growth of the industry.

At the meeting held in Solwezi, Permanent Secretary of the North-Western Province, Willies Manigmela said that the government has expressed its deep concern about the country’s current gaming and lottery legislation which is fragmented and causes income loss to the government. There is no additional information known about the specific steps that the government is going to take towards the gaming industry, however, the process has already started and we might see some news in the near future.

Current Gambling Regulations

Currently, Zambia has three forms of gambling legalized including casino gambling, lottery games, and sports betting. Gambling legislation consists of 3 main acts including The Casino Act (regulating procedures for licensing casino operators within the country), The State Lotteries Act (controlling lottery games), and the Betting Act (regulating betting operators). For now, gambling operators need to have a license to legally operate in the country.

Considering the fact that online gambling is not regulated and Zambia’s gambling legislation does not mention it, players from this country have the possibility to play at international offshore gambling websites without facing any legal consequences. As for, land-based casino lovers, currently, there are only four casinos that one can choose from.

All in all, both offshore and local gaming operators can legally have a lottery, online betting, or casino games offered to Zambians without having a license, and gamblers can freely gamble with real money online. Compared to South Africa, gambling rules in Zambia are much less strict as online gambling in South Africa is still considered illegal. We hope to see the updates about the gambling laws of Zambia soon.

By Joshua Kent

Joshua Kent

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