Betting With Bitcoin on Snooker – Best Bookies Around

Cryptocurrencies not only changed the financial industry upside down but managed to establish themselves in the gambling industry, with online sportsbooks modernizing their services by offering Bitcoin Snooker betting. Snooker is a cue sport, mostly popular in the United States and Great Britain, having existed for almost 2 centuries.

We should note that betting Bitcoin on snooker is completely legal, but in some states, there are certain laws, that may offer different requirements for betting.

Bitcoin is quite a popular way to bet on sports and usually the only one, even though Ethereum, Dogecoin, and other cryptocurrencies are also present in this vast field. According to various statistics, Bitcoin is generally the most used crypto for gambling.

At the same time, Bitcoin offers notable advantages over traditional betting, one of which is bonuses and promotions. Typically deposit bonuses with Bitcoins are more significant. You are able to get more funds when you make the first deposit. Moreover, tournaments are present, where you can challenge other players and win a certain amount of money in Bitcoin Snooker.

Bitcoin has become a gateway to a completely new way of betting on sports. With its advantages, such as the increased speed of transactions, anonymity, and low commission fee, crypto gambling is attractive for new and experienced players alike.

Snooker in its turn, might not be as popular sports as its counterparts like football, basketball, but still, it is a perfect fit for cryptocurrencies.

Top Bookmakers That Allow BTC Betting on Snooker

We have compiled a list of the best sportsbooks that allow users to place bets on Snooker. These operators have fully established themselves as one of the most renowned names in the crypto gambling industry. You can check more details by clicking the ‘Read More’ button below.

How To Bet on Snooker With Bitcoins

Betting on snooker with Bitcoins might seem complicated at first, but there is nothing to worry about. A player actually needs three things in order to begin placing bets on Snooker with Bitcoins: a crypto bookmaker, a personal account, and a working crypto wallet. The latter is especially important because it is a tool for keeping Bitcoins and later depositing them on your bookmaker’s account.

Find A Good Site

bitcoins for snooker bettingFinding a good site can be problematic sometimes, as the crypto gambling industry is still developing and appeared on the iGaming field not a long time ago. Because of that, there are not many operators. When choosing a proper website for Bitcoin betting there are several criteria worth paying attention to: the license, a period of existence, variety of games, customer base, reviews. Each of them is important and they actually make up a good crypto bookmaker.

The license helps to provide fair and equal odds. You are also protected from legal issues, as a regulator will be here to provide assistance.

Check Availability

The next thing you should do before placing a bet on snooker with Bitcoin is checking the list of restricted countries. Based on the information, which is usually available in the official documents and rarely in the FAQ section, you can determine whether your country is eligible for registration or not. Normally, this list does not feature many countries and almost every BTC bookies restrict a certain number of states.

Get a Crypto Wallet

betting on snooker with bitcoinsAs has been mentioned above, without a crypto wallet you will not be able to deposit funds on your personal account and start betting. It is like a bank account for your transactions. Obtaining a crypto wallet is easy and this process is possible on different exchanges. Typically you do not need additional software to create a one and by going directly on various websites you can access your wallet.

There are generally two most used types of a crypto wallet: hot and cold. You can use both of them for Bitcoin Snooker betting. A hot wallet is connected to the Internet, while the cold one is not. This is the key difference, and generally, a cold wallet is safer.


As soon as you discover a proper website for crypto betting, the next thing you should do is creating an account. The registration process is almost the same as in a regular bookmaker and follows the same steps. First of all, you should find the Sign-Up button, typically located at the top right or left corner of the website.

After that, you will be redirected to the form, which you are required to fill out. This form asks you to indicate personal information including username, password, country of residence, age. At the end of the registration, you are also required to verify an account with a letter sent to your e-mail.

What You Can Place Bitcoin Snooker Bets On

bets on snooker with bitcoinsIn addition to entertainment, Snooker has another important quality. In this sport, there is no draw outcome, all matches last until the victory of one of the rivals, and this greatly simplifies the task of players to predict the winners.

If we consider Snooker from the point of view of bookmakers’ offers, this sport is almost no different from other sports disciplines, bookmakers offer the usual set of bets:


  • Betting on the outcome
  • Handicap betting
  • Betting on the total
  • Additional bets.

In Snooker, a match can have different rules on the number of frames – depending on the format of the tournament. The frame is considered to be a stage. For example, the match consists of 7 frames, therefore, to win the match the athlete needs to win in four of them.

Betting on the outcome

The absence of a draw allows the players to fully focus on predicting the winner of the match. In BTC betting on Snooker, there are peculiarities. Snooker is a sport in which sensations rarely happen. This is especially true for major tournaments, where rivals fight for ranking points and prizes. There is too much difference in skill and training between the opponents. Therefore, if any of the athletes are offered at low odds, you can safely play this position.

It should be taken into account that when compatriots meet at the table, the favorite can give an outsider to win a few frames so that the newcomer felt more confident. On the net victory of the favorite, this practice does not affect, but here bets on the handicap on the frames can be a loser.

Betting on the handicap

Such offers of bookmakers are interesting because they allow players to bet on the victory of favorites at higher odds. Above, we have already said that for a match between two compatriots, especially on a handicap, on BTC snooker betting websites it is better not to make bets, even if one athlete significantly exceeds his opponent in skill. But when there are not compatriots, and their level of skill is polarly different, you can safely bet on the victory of the favorite with a handicap, as usually, he does not leave his opponent any chance.

Betting on total

Depending on the skill level of the opponents, bookmakers offer bets on the total of frames in the match. Predicting it is quite difficult, as Snooker is an intelligent game in which even an outsider can find a great solution for a hit. And this blow can be the beginning of a winning frame for him.

Therefore, you need to bet on totals only when careful preparatory work has been carried out, and it is safe to say that the opponents are either completely different in skill level or are now in good shape, and the match will be protracted.

Extra bets

Such offers in BTC Snooker betting can be attributed to those bets, which for various reasons did not enter the previous types. For example, it can be bets on additional odds and totals, bets on the outcome of the first frame, the difference of points of the first frame, or the total of the first frame.

Bookmakers can also invite players to predict the future winner of the tournament, or a couple of finalists. In general, depending on the prestige of the tournament, there is quite a large selection of additional bets.

Why Place Snooker Bets With Bitcoin

Bitcoin upon its appearance in the gambling industry provided significant advantages. There are certain benefits to placing bets with Bitcoin such as privacy, the opportunity to play from anywhere, and fast transactions. We will review each of these advantages step by step.

Pros Cons
Fast Transactions Tax
Withdrawal Time Tedious Exchange
Privacy High Risk
Play from Anywhere Low Variety of Platforms

Fast Transactions

BTC betting on snookerBetting on Snooker with Bitcoins is completely different from regular money betting. When you are dealing with real money, usually central banks and third parties extend this process with security checks. Sometimes the withdrawal process can take up to 2 working days, which is annoying for players. With Bitcoin transactions are carried out instantly. 10 minutes could be the maximum to proceed with your request. There have been cases when the transaction was carried out in just seconds.

The speed of transactions is necessary to attract more customers. Bitcoin can offer such benefits to players.

No Commission

The absence of a commission fee is another huge advantage for players. When it comes to traditional money, there is an extra charge from a bookmaker or third party. Usually, this rate ranges between 2-10%. With Bitcoin additional commission fees are absent. In BTC Snooker betting you do not have to pay extra money to a betting site and the only fee that exists is the miner’s fee.

Imagine a situation when you are withdrawing 2000$ from a bookie with fiat money. If the commission fee is 10% you have to pay 200$ extra for your transaction, which is not really profitable for players. Thus Bitcoin eliminates all of such possibilities and customer is taking the most of a crypto bookmaker.


Volatility actually shows how fast the price of a particular asset changes. It is the term mostly used in finances and in cryptocurrencies, this term already managed to establish itself firmly. Bitcoin is a very volatile asset – it can change every minute. There are periods when Bitcoin is worth $15,000 for example and the next day its price is equal to $20,000. Such a trait makes Bitcoin a perfect tool for investment in crypto Snooker betting.

We can provide an example to explain things clearly. If you were to deposit Bitcoins worth $1000 on your account and the next day its price surged to $2000, you gained $1000 without even placing bets on sports. And following the recent trends, Bitcoin shows no signs of slowing down.

All in All

Bitcoin betting on Snooker is becoming more and more popular with time. Bookies, offering such possibilities to players are also growing in numbers. Because of the fact that Bitcoin betting offers numerous advantages, people focused on traditional betting are gradually moving to crypto gambling. Security, speed of transactions, and decreased waiting time are the main characteristics that make Bitcoin attractive for users.

We should note that Bitcoin will slowly replace traditional betting and more people will adjust to this trend. Snooker betting with Bitcoin in its turn is an opportunity that offers different possibilities for players and with the help of Bitcoin, this process becomes more interesting for players.

FAQ on Snooker Betting With BTC

How do you use Bitcoin to bet on Snooker?

Placing Bitcoin bets on Snooker is a straightforward process. This process is similar to traditional betting, except for the fact that in addition to a personal account and a crypto bookmaker you also need a crypto wallet. A crypto wallet is your bank account for transferring Bitcoins. After creating an account on a crypto bookmaker’s website, then you should deposit Bitcoins to start betting.

As soon as you have received confirmation that your transaction is complete you can move to betting. Usually, in the Sports section, Snooker is at the end of the list, because it is less popular compared to football, basketball, hockey, tennis, and other types of sports.

Do all crypto bookies offer Snooker betting?

Yes, over 90% of crypto bookmakers offer players the possibility to place bets on Snooker. Even though it is not as popular as other sports disciplines more and more BTC sportsbooks are offering bets on Snooker. Betting on Snooker is characterized by a wide variety of options and usually, these options are diverse.

It should be noted that bookies that offer Snooker betting also provide a list of several leagues and tournaments so that customers are not limited in their options.

How good are the odds when betting on Snooker with Bitcoin?

Odds when betting on Snooker with Bitcoin do not really distinguish from the ones offered in traditional bookies. Here we should emphasize that in Bitcoin bookmakers odds are slightly different from each other, but nothing that will make a significant impact. For example, if traditional bookmakers offer on a particular player 1.2 odd of winning, with Bitcoin bookmakers it could be 1.18 or 1.22 – depending on a BTC sportsbook.

Odds with Bitcoin snooker are vast and diverse. Players are able to place their bets on different options from handicap to extra bets such as a total of frames and predict the winner of the tournament.