Complete List of Top Bitcoin Casino Sites in Lebanon

Bitcoin has managed to forever change and revolutionize the online payments industry. Being the most popular cryptocurrency, BTC is truly a gamechanger in all different industries, including online gambling. Gamblers in the industry can rely on Bitcoin as a fast and efficient payment option that can’t be controlled by governments and banking institutions.

Over the past few years, the gambling industry has become very successful in Lebanon. Although the government of the country has taken several steps against the online gambling industry, there still are numerous opportunities in Lebanon for online gambling.

While the government tried to take some steps against the online gambling industry, by limiting access to some online casinos, Lebanon does not regulate online casinos as of now. For gambling enthusiasts in the country, there still remain to be numerous options available.

Lebanon is truly a unique place for gambling. Being a Middle Eastern nation, one would think that the country strongly opposes gambling. But, this is not the case at all. Many believe that the main reason why the government of Lebanon decided to take an opposing stance towards online gambling is the pressure from gambling monopolies present in the country. But, there still are a number of online casinos that gamblers can use in the country.

Because of the monopoly in the country, the majority of the online Bitcoin casinos available in Lebanon are international companies that operate around the world.  In today’s guide to the best BTC casinos online in Lebanon, we are going to discover how the market works in the country and find the best options for BTC gamblers in Lebanon. So, follow our guide and learn more about it.

Top Lebanese Crypto Gambling Sites

Due to the numerous advantages associated with the online BTC gambling industry, there are many people who are showing interest in this market in Lebanon. But, how exactly can you find the best online gambling site in the country? Well, that’s not an easy thing to do.

As we have mentioned above, the government of Lebanon has taken some steps to limit access to online casinos. The representatives of the government even noted that they were considering banning foreign online casinos as well. To help Lebanese online BTC gamblers find a high-quality online casino, we have conducted massive research and managed to find some of the best BTC online casinos. Check out our list below and start gambling with the best available online casinos for Lebanese gamblers today.


BitStarz Review – Is This Casino Good?

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mBit Casino Review – Top BTC Casino

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Pros and Cons of Lebanon BTC Casinos

The past few years have shown a massive increase when it comes to the demand for online Bitcoin gambling. While the market is very popular and fast-growing, there are some advantages and disadvantages associated with it that individuals should know about.

Some of the biggest advantages of using BTC gambling casinos are the fact that the transactions are a lot faster, the commissions are lower, withdrawals usually are instant, and the payments made in crypto tend to be a lot more safer and private when compared to fiat.

If you are having a hard time deciding whether online BTC gambling in Lebanon is a good choice for you or not, we have decided to do extensive research on the major advantages and disadvantages of the market. Below, we will discuss the major pros and cons one by one to help you make your decision.


Fiat Crypto
Transaction Speed 24-48 Hours Instant
Commission 1.4% 0%
Withdrawal Time 3-4 business days Instant
Privacy Not Protected Protected


BTC casino Lebanon privacyOne of the biggest advantages of online BTC gambling in Lebanon is the privacy that it offers to individuals. Crypto transactions are known for their high privacy, and the government or banks do not have any control over the transactions. As a result, you can gamble online very privately, without the intervention of any officials.

This is in fact one of the major reasons why so many Lebanese gamblers choose BTC casinos. This ensures that their information stays completely private at all times. But, what makes BTC or other cryptos so private? The main reason behind this is that BTC is supported by the distributed ledger, Blockchain, which makes everything a lot easier and safer.

The same goes for other cryptocurrencies as well. In fact, many of the BTC online Casinos in Lebanon offer their clients the opportunity to use other cryptocurrencies as well. This includes those like Litecoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, and so on.

Lower Commissions

When you are making transactions in fiat currencies with regular payment solutions, you are very likely to pay some amount of your funds in commissions. This can be very bad for gamblers. On the other hand, there are online BTC casinos Lebanon that offer you the opportunity to use cryptocurrencies for transactions, which cost much less and in most cases are completely free.

The same applies to withdrawals as well. This way, you will be able to withdraw the amount of money you have won, without having to spend some of it on commissions.

Faster Transactions

BTC online gambling LebanonOne of the main reasons why so many people in Lebanon are looking for ways to use BTC for gambling is the faster transactions that cryptocurrencies offer. Using fiat currencies and regular payment solutions for making transactions can be quite time-consuming and could take up to a few working days.

This can be quite overwhelming when you want to gamble. If you choose BTC Lebanese casinos online you should be able to make transactions in a much shorter time, in just a few minutes. On the other hand, the average transaction speed for regular payment methods can be anywhere from 24 hours to even up to a week, which is too much.

The same goes for making withdrawals as well. In most cases, it takes a lot of time to withdraw your funds. First, your online casino will need some time to process your withdrawal, send it to your bank, then your bank needs additional processing time, and so on.

In the case of BTC casinos, things work differently. The time for withdrawals is much less, and it makes gambling a lot more enjoyable and fun.


Fiat Crypto
Tax 0% 0-20%
Exchange Not Required Required
Risk Low High
Variety of Casinos High Low

Exchanging Cryptocurrencies

online BTC casinos LebanonWhile BTC gambling in Lebanon, much like around the world, has become a very popular venture and it does come with numerous advantages, it would be unfair to say that it is a completely positive thing that does not have any disadvantages.

In fact, there are some disadvantages associated with crypto gambling. It is pivotal for individuals to understand all the cons of crypto gambling so that they can tell if this is a good option for their personal interests or not. One of the things that Lebanese BTC gamblers should be concerned about is exchanging cryptocurrencies.

To put it simply, in order to be able to withdraw your BTCs and use them in daily life, you will be required to exchange the cryptocurrency into a fiat currency. For some people, this is simply too much of a headache. But, do not forget that there are numerous BTC Wallets available in the market that you can use. While this might be an additional step to get your funds, this is not something that should get you completely discouraged.

Additional Risks

While cryptocurrencies can be an amazing option for gambling, the risks associated with them should not be disregarded. Cryptocurrencies are known for being highly volatile, which means that their price changes very fast. This can add some risks to gambling as when you win money and withdraw it, the amount in fiat currency might not be what you expected anymore.

The increased risks are one of the biggest disadvantages associated with crypto gambling. Because of this, BTC gamblers in Lebanon should understand this really well before they start gambling.

Bonuses Available at Lebanon BTC Online Casinos

One of the biggest advantages of gambling with BTC online casinos in Lebanon is that many of them offer gamblers different types of bonuses and promotions that can be a lot of fun. These bonuses and promotions make it easier for gamblers to earn additional profits and make the most out of their funds.

The past few years have shown that bonuses are a very important part of the BTC online gambling industry not only in Lebanon but around the world as well. The best thing about BTC online casinos in Lebanon is that special bonuses and promotions can be even more fun with them! Majority of the BTC casinos in Lebanon that you can use offer different types of bonuses and promotions. By using these bonuses, it becomes a lot easier for gamblers to earn additional funds in the market.

Different Types of Bonuses

Lebanon BTC online casinosThe majority of the online gambling BTC casinos in Lebanon offer local gamblers different types of bonuses. Among them are bonuses such as Deposit Bonus, No Deposit Bonus, Referral Programs, Free Spins, and so on. The availability of online gambling bonuses depends on the casino that you are using.

While some of the online casinos offer gamblers all different types of bonuses and promotions, there are others that only offer one or two types of them. Deposit bonuses work in a very easy-to-understand manner. If your online casino offers this bonus, you will be able to receive some funds from the casino as a gift in addition to the money that you deposit. As for the no deposit bonuses, they are created for those who are just getting started with the casino.

This is a gift from the BTC Lebanon online casino to help you get started faster. As for the referral programs, they are not that common but are still very popular in the industry. This means that for people that you invite to the online casino, you will receive special gifts.

All in All

After discovering different sides of crypto BTC gambling in Lebanon, we are able to say that while it might not be the best country for online gambling, there are some opportunities present locally. Lebanon has a very long history of gambling, and many believe that it is the best country for gambling activities in the Middle East.

However, it is certainly not easy to gamble online in the country. Due to the pressure from gambling monopolies in Lebanon, the government of the country had to adopt several regulations to limit the availability of online gambling. However, there are numerous internationally well-known BTC casinos that offer Lebanese gamblers their services.

So, at the end of the day, Lebanese traders have the opportunity to gamble online with globally acknowledged BTC casinos and make amazing profits.

Pros Cons
Fast Transactions Tax
Withdrawal Time Tedious Exchange
Privacy High Risk
Play From Anywhere Low Variety of Platforms

Pay attention that gambling is a serious activity that’s related to lots of risks. Playing at online casinos can be addictive sometimes. Although generally, it’s very enjoyable and exciting to play casino games, you should be aware of the risks you are taking. So, try to gamble with money you can afford to lose and reach out for certain services if you notice any problem.

FAQ on BTC Gambling in Lebanon

Are online Bitcoin casinos legal in Lebanon?

There are no official laws restricting online BTC casinos in Lebanon, thus, it is considered to be legal. However, it should be noted that the government of the country has recently taken some steps against the online gambling industry. While the reasons for this were not announced by the government representatives, the industry experts believe that it is due to the pressure from gambling monopolies present in the country.

Is Bitcoin gambling safe in Lebanon?

Yes, BTC gambling in Lebanon is safe. In most cases, BTC casinos in Lebanon are international players who offer their services to Lebanese gamblers. These online casinos are known for high safety and security standards. Blockchain technology makes payments a lot safer and more secure.

How should you join online BTC casino in Lebanon?

The first thing to do is to find a BTC casino that offers services in Lebanon. After this, you will need to register an account at the online casino. Then, deposit funds using your crypto wallet. In most cases, registering takes just a few minutes. After your account is verified and you have funds deposited, you can start gambling.