Your List of Best Bitcoin Casinos by Country

It is very hard to identify good BTC casinos by country when doing individual research. The information provided is usually convoluted, complicated, and at best hard to understand. It’s often the case when a report on the legality of BTC casinos is filled with legal jargon, which makes it hard for anybody who hasn’t gone to law school to understand.

Luckily, here at BitcoinCasinosReviews, we do have people who have gone to law school. They can understand every nook and cranny of legislation and re-interpret that into the daily language that everybody uses. We have already gathered heaps of information on several countries in North America, Europe, and Asia and we are going to keep adding to that list.

It is absolutely essential that you make an informed decision on the casino you choose. Usually, if a Bitcoin casino in my country doesn’t have the necessary licenses to operate, I will not receive any penalty from the government. But this is not the case for everybody. There are countries that hold players accountable as well, which is why caution is advised and at least a little bit of research with the help of resources such as BitcoinCasinosReviews.

If you’re still unsure about a casino you want to register on, here are some textbook key points to focus on.

The casino:

  • Has a license from my local regulator;
  • Showcases my country in the “accepted” list;
  • Supports my currency;
  • Has an office in my country (optional);
  • Has a local client base;

If the majority of these points are in-check, then it’s most likely safe to register.

Best Bitcoin Casino in the World – Our Picks

So you’ve done the research, figured out that your country does indeed allow BTC casinos, so now you’re asking, how do I find good Bitcoin casinos near me? This can also be a grueling task. Spending hours looking at the platform, and in some cases having to register to get the full extent of the website is not the safest way to get a taste.

The safest way would be to take a look at the testimonials NOT provided by the company itself. Why? Because why would they showcase a previous client with negative feedback? Furthermore, why would there be testimonials of former players if the website is so good? No, it’s important to identify that these people who are giving their two cents about the website are still using it. Because why would they switch if the platform is so great?

Another option for finding the best Bitcoin casino in the world is to take a look at reviews, such as the ones you can find on BitcoinCasinosReviews. What reviewers do is they register on the platform, spend money so that you don’t have to, and see whether or not the website is worth a go. We’ve done exactly that, which is why we can showcase some of the best ones we’ve found in the table below.

Restricted Countries Min Deposit Supported Coins
Bitstarz USA, UK 0.0001 BTC BTC
mBit USA, UK, Spain, Israel, France, Netherlands 0.005 BTC BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC, DOG, USDT
TrueFlip USA, UK, Netherlands, France, Israel, Turkey, Curacao, Russia, Denmark €20 BTC, ETH, LTC, DOGE, BCH, TFL, USDT, ADA, XRP, NEO
King Billy UK, France, Spain, USA, Ukraine, Israel, Estonia, Romania, Netherlands, Portugal, Slovakia, Curacao €/$10 BTC, ETH, LTC, USDT, BCH
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Identifying Bitcoin Casinos Near Me

Sure, somebody just giving you a list of best casinos is swell and all, but what if you’ve already found a casino that you just want to check if is available? Well, here are some key points.

Ads Don’t Mean Access

If you get an ad for a specific casino, it doesn’t mean they’re available in your region. If we take a look at every Bitcoin casino by country, we easily see that they’re all trying to go global. So launching ad campaigns in regions where some people are not eligible for service is not that uncommon.

Domain Extensions

best bitcoin casino in the world

You have probably seen a few casinos have an extension like .io or or maybe even .ag – This doesn’t mean that they’re inherently available in the regions that the extension belongs to, nor does it mean they’re available to you directly. Some countries have legislations that are pretty complex. For example, Australia has ruled that an online casino can exist in the country, but can’t provide service to Australians. Therefore, if the extension is, this doesn’t mean that Australians are welcome.


License Base

A company does not have to be a Bitcoin casino in my country for me to have access. In most cases, the majority of such websites are registered in places like Malta, Curacao, Gibraltar, and other small nations. Usually, this license is sufficient to provide service to you as many countries have green-lit these credentials. For example, if a casino is registered in Gibraltar, it can still provide service to UK customers without having to get a license there.

btc casinos by country

Tricky Legality

Here’s where it gets confusing. In essence, all bitcoin casinos are legal all around the globe. This has mostly to do with crypto regulations rather than gambling legislation. In a sense, there is no legal framework to restrict these operations or even identify them fast enough for the government to act against you or the website. It’s tricky, but it’s sort of like a small loophole that many people take advantage of. This is why some Bitcoin casinos maps have green-lit the majority of the world.

Available Information

Although we would love to cover every country and their crypto/gambling regulations, there are only so many hours in a day. Below you can find countries we have already reviewed and researched. But this doesn’t mean that we’re stopping here. The BitcoinCasinosReviews team will keep adding countries in the future so that we have the biggest repository of information on the topic of bitcoin casinos.

North America




The Bottom Line

Finding the best Bitcoin casino in the world is no small feat. It requires hours and hours of research just to find a decent one which is available to you locally, but it doesn’t mean it’s impossible to try.

Here is a roundup of the key points to focus on during research:

  • Check the casino’s resource on restricted countries
  • Double-check with a local regulator for the license
  • Read reviews if the information is behind a pay-wall

Following these simple steps more or less guarantees that you will keep safe and land a trustworthy casino that has the credentials necessary to provide you service.

FAQ on BTC Casinos by Country

Which countries offer Bitcoin casino regulation?

Currently, the top Bitcoin gambling-approved countries are the following:

  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Canada

There are many others as well, but these 3 have the least issues when it comes to their citizens gambling with cryptos. However, some Bitcoin casinos maps showcase places like India and the US where crypto gambling is regulated as well. This is not necessarily wrong. Some states in the US, such as Nevada and New Jersey and Goa in India do allow crypto gambling.

You will also encounter information on casinos that have countries like Sweden, Denmark, or Eastern European countries in the restricted list. This may be a bit misleading, as these countries also have crypto gambling regulation, but only on a small part of it. For example, Sweden’s regulation states that players should not receive incentives to gamble, so they can’t apply for a bonus. But if they want to gamble with their own money, they’re free to do so.

Where are the main crypto casinos registered?

The most common casino licenses you will find are from these regions:

  • Malta
  • Curaçao
  • Isle of Man
  • Gibraltar
  • Cyprus

These are usually the biggest Bitcoin casinos by country, but it doesn’t mean they don’t operate in other regions. These countries are simply the easiest and cheapest to register in. The majority of countries have also recognized these places as trustworthy regulators of gambling brands, because they have a record of upholding the requirements they list in the legislation. It is also cheaper for many governments to “outsource” this regulation in its majority to these countries as they don’t get to spend as much on their own local watchdogs.

Therefore, every time you see a Maltese gambling license or one from Gibraltar especially, you can rest easy knowing that it’s a trustworthy company.