by Joshua Kent on October 6, 2021

SoftSwiss Sportsbook Has Compiled Latest Online Betting Trends

SoftSwiss is a software development company launched in 2008 to develop online auction software and was officially founded in 2012 by Ivan Montik and Dimitry Yaikau. The company provides software and payment processing solutions for online gambling operations. SoftSwiss manages hundreds of online casinos and over the years it became a trustworthy and reliable company. The company launched a sportsbook in December 2020 and shared unique Insights based on a Specific Study of user behavior in its first report.

Mostly Used Devices For Gambling

Despite the fact that most of the Software companies developed mobile versions of gambling games and the use of mobile phones for gambling has increased in recent years when it comes to usage of devices for fixed-odd betting, the desktop still dominates among all other devices and the margin is pretty big. But when it comes to the number of bets placed, the statistics change dramatically. The mobile with 77.16% obviously beats desktop with 22.64%, in that case. So, the conclusion is that desktop users prefer to bet large amounts of money less often when mobile users prefer to bet more frequently, but with a small amount of money.

Which Gander Is a Leader In Gambling?

I think it will not be surprising if I would say that men are still betting more frequently than women. The statistics say that 73.06% of the often betters are men, 12.6% are women, and 14.34 are gender-neutral people, but when it comes to the whole amount of money spent on betting, people who do not indicate their gender or prefer to stay gender-neutral for some reason are obvious leaders with over 70% while men have 24.05%, and women only have 3.45%.

Three Leading Currencies By GGR Share

GGR is a key metric for gambling and betting companies. It is equivalent to “sales” or “revenue” and shows the difference between the amount of money players wager and the money that they win. The formula of GGR looks like this: GGR=Amount wagered-winning payout.

The US Dollar is an obvious leader with 61.15% of all sports betting GGR, followed by Euro with 30.37%, and Cryptocurrency with 8%. It is also interesting which sports are the leaders by GGR share and it will not be surprising, that first place is occupied by football with 59.46%, second is tennis with 23.47%. And the third is baseball with 10.75%.

By Joshua Kent

Joshua Kent

Joshua is a former marketing agent for multiple online casinos. With the knowledge he has gained over the years of watching casinos promote their products, he is able to clearly identify the most competent companies with the most advantageous features for their customers.

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