Your Ultimate Guide to Bitcoin Poker and Where to Play It

Thanks to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies online casinos have developed their gaming repertoire and created Bitcoin poker – the game famous for its diversity and number of people involved in it.

The history of poker has long roots. It dates back to old times, but the exact location of its appearance is still unknown. It is accurate to say that the first written mention of the game appeared in the 16th century. It was played in France, England, Germany, and other developed countries of western Europe, and the progenitors of poker were ancient card games. Due to the long history of poker, there are many varieties of the game.

The main idea of the game and goal of each player is either to make sure that the opponent throws his cards or “folds” them (during any round of the game), thereby stopping to fight for the pot or to collect a combination of 5 cards better than the opponent (this is a general rule of thumb for crypto poker as well). To do this, the player can use any common cards along with their closed cards. That is, only 5 of the 7 cards are used, and if this is not necessary, the player may not use or use only one of his own cards at all.

There are two types of poker online: live and regular. Regular ones have different variations which we will explain later. As for live poker, a live dealer is actually present.

Poker is a really good choice for Bitcoin, as cryptocurrency offers a wide variety of advantages. Particular online casinos allow the user to invest in a game account without converting and play by betting in Bitcoin. To do this, separate tables and tournaments are opened, not available to those who prefer to use dollars, euros, and other money. Either the room is completely crypto-focused and does not allow you to create alternative accounts. It should also be noted that BTC poker is really fast-paced and enthralling.

The Best BTC Casinos to Play Poker

Not sure which are the best BTC casinos for playing poker? Here you can see the most popular casinos. If any of them intrigues you, simply click the “Start Playing” button to visit the website or, “Read More” for additional information about the brand.

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How Many Types of Bitcoin Poker Are There?

There are many varieties of poker, each of which differs from the other by its own peculiarities and rules. Not all of them have become so popular to gather thousands of players at the tables of major poker series. Some of the games described here are played only with friends, however, they also deserve attention.

For the most part, each type of poker has one goal – collecting the strongest combination, with the combinations almost everywhere the same and can be made up of only five cards. Differences can only be in the total number of cards that players receive, as well as restrictions imposed on bets from opponents. Of course in cryptocurrency poker, you play with Bitcoins or another currency.

Texas Hold’em

Texas Hold’em is one of the most popular forms of poker. Between 2 and 9 people can take part in the game at the same time, in some cases, the participation in the game of the tenth player is allowed. Before the hand, two players in the first and second positions clockwise from the dealer place mandatory bets (Small Blind and Big Blind respectively). The amount of mandatory bets is determined by the limit of the game. The position of the dealer is determined randomly before the first hand on this table, and then each hand moves to one position clockwise.

It should be noted that the same concept goes for online poker as well.

online bitcoin poker

The process of the game

At the start of the game, each player receives 2 cards. It is important to note that Bitcoin Texas Hold’em is definitely the most popular version.

The hand of cards begins with the player in the position of Small Blind. After the mandatory bets are made and all participants are dealt cards, the first of the four rounds of the hand begins. During the hand, players alternately place bets. In the process, the dealer alternately puts up to 5 common cards in the center of the table. The game continues until:

  • In any of the circles of betting, there will be one player who has placed the highest bet, and no one has responded to it;
  • In the last round of betting, all contenders put an equal number of chips in the pot or in any other round of betting if the contender players put all their chips in the pot. When all bets are made, the winner is declared the player who managed to collect the best 5 card combination. In online Bitcoin poker, like in its regular counterpart, you can use your own cards and common cards in any combination to make a 5-card combination.
  • If at least two players have reached the end and have not folded, they open the cards, and the dealer checks whose hand is stronger. Everyone calls his hand, the player with the strongest hand wins.

Seven-Card Stud

Seven-Card Stud Poker is played between a maximum of 8 players (plus a virtual dealer). The most important difference from other types of poker is that there are no common cards. Each player has his own hand with individual cards. There are two levels of betting in the poker stud.

poker sites that accept bitcoin

The rules

The first two cards are handed out face down so that other players can’t see them. The following cards are called “Streets” (3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th) and are dealt with face up so that all players can see them. The last card is dealt face down. Not a lot of Bitcoin poker sites have this version available.

At the beginning of the round, players must place an ante bet. Ante’s bet is equal to the lower limit of the bet and performs the same functions as the blind in Omaha and Texas Holdem.

After the 3rd “Street” is handed out, the player who has got the lowest card starts the move. If the players have the same low cards, the right of the first move is determined by suit. The rank of suits in descending: spades, hearts, diamonds, and clubs.

The player who starts the round of the game can place a full bet or put a part of it – “Bring-In”. It’s less than a full bet. If the player does not want to continue the game after all the other players have made bets, he can throw off the cards, losing “Bring-In” and if he wants to continue the poker Bitcoin game – just put the missing part of the bet. Other players can fold, bet, or raise bets.

Once all bets have been made, the 4th “Street” is dealt. This time, the player with the highest card or combination of cards that are visible to opponents makes a “Bring-In” bet. At this stage, players can bet high-level bets.

Also, there are rounds played with the 5th and 6th Street and River cards, except that the high level of betting is used regardless of whether it was placed in the 4th Street or not. Once the river bets are made, the player who collects the best poker hand out of 5 cards wins.

Pai Gow Poker

Pai Gow Poker is played with a deck of 53 cards (a regular deck of 52 cards and the Joker). The joker can be used to make combinations in poker with Bitcoin of straight, flush, street flush, royal flush or it can be used as an ace. Like “any card,” the joker is not used in this game. In Pai Gow Poker you play one-on-one with the casino.

It is still a relatively new type of poker, which originates from the United States. Due to its peculiarity interest in this game is really high.

bitcoin poker chips

Pai Gow Poker Rules

At the beginning of the game, after all the participants have made bets, the dealer hands out 7 cards to each of them. Up to 7 players and one banker can take part in the game. And the banker in Pai Gow Poker is not only a dealer but also every player in turn. Each player and banker must split their cards into two hands: the first number in 5 cards, the second – in 2 cards. In this case, in online poker Bitcoin, the poker hand should be higher than the second hand. If a player does not adhere to such a rule, he automatically loses. If the rule is ignored by the bank, the dealer changes his hands using the most rankings.

All combinations have a “weight”, respectively, to ordinary poker, there is only one difference – a straight with an ace older than other straights, for example, Ace, 2, 3, 4, 5 is better than K, Q, J, 10, 9.

The winner is determined by comparing both hands of the player and the banker according to the ranking of poker combinations. What for a player, that for a banker to win, you have to win on both hands. If a player wins on a hand in 5 cards but lost on 2 cards – a draw, and, conversely, when winning on 2 cards and losing by 5 – also a draw. These rules apply to poker with Bitcoins. Only if you win on both hands you are declared a winner.


If you compare the Texas Hold’em with Omaha, you can distinguish one main difference, which is the rules of a hand giving cards: in Omaha, the player takes 4 cards at once.

There are different variants of the classic Omaha: where the limit will be fixed in advance, and where the pot limit will be applied. With the limit, the bet can only be raised four times during the game, even though it is entirely dependent on the stated amounts before the game: so, if it is stated that it is Omaha $2/$4, in the first two rounds you can raise only up to two dollars, and in the next two rounds to four dollars. Thus, the blinds here will be on 1 on 2 dollars respectively. These sums are almost the same if you play poker with Bitcoins. At the same time, in games without limits, the blinds will be increased to two and four dollars.

play poker with bitcoin

Omaha with a pot-limit allows you to raise the rate to the amount that is available in the bank, and it includes not only the money that was set in the general rates. You can find out the amount of the allowable rate by adding the last raise to the existing bank, which will be doubled. Thus, the rate is leveled and can be further increased to the amount that corresponds to the equalized jar.

At the start of each hand two players after the dealer, without looking into the pocket cards, places two bets, which are mandatory for the start of the game. Thus, there are small and large blinds. Next, all players take 4 cards, and the distribution is carried out in a circle on one card. Then all participants of Bitcoin poker room alternately from the big blind raise the bet or fold

This initial round of trading is called pre-flop, and after the equation the dealer hands out three cards on the table, becoming common (the so-called flop). Next, a participant with a small blind (or following him if he left the game) makes his bet. During this turn, bets can be maintained, raised, passed, or a check, that is, to refuse to set a new bet if all previous players also did not do them.

On the last lap, when the fifth card (the so-called river) appeared on the table and all bets were made, the players (if there are 2 or more players left) open their cards, and the first person to do it is the participant who assigned the last bet before the showdown or the player that goes immediately after the dealer.

In poker Bitcoins Omaha you need to use two of your cards and three of those on the table to form a combination. Accordingly, the winner is the one who gets the highest combination.

Video Poker

In classic live poker, the outcome of the game depends not so much on luck as on the player’s abilities, it is an intellectual game. Video poker is a virtual analog of live poker, which takes place in a live casino. The task is also to collect a poker combination from the received at the hand of 5 cards. To increase your chances of winning, one, several, or all 5 cards can be exchanged. You can play video poker both on machines in real life and in online casinos.

poker with bitcoins

The main difference between video poker and its live counterpart is that strategies and tactics like bluff are powerless, it is useless to make an impenetrable poker face, trying to mislead partners about their cards. We should also note that video poker sites that accept Bitcoin are a relatively new thing.

Video poker has existed for almost half a century, it appeared in 1967, and by 1975 almost every casino had devices of this type. You cannot master all the intricacies of classical poker with this game, but it is a good opportunity to learn in practice poker combinations. In order not to risk money in the process of learning, you can choose a demo version of the game.

Strategy and video poker

Winning video poker doesn’t just depend on luck and fortune. Often the winnings of the casino are associated with the inability of players to behave in a particular game, but do you know that video poker is a game where there are positive expectations from each bet made?

However, it is not very often to snatch a big jackpot – sometimes even if you play poker with Bitcoin. You can play for quite some time before you get even one card for a combination of Royal Flush, let alone there’s a progressive jackpot. But when you play the trial online, gradually honing your skills, it makes almost no difference.


Badugi is the youngest type of poker to have appeared just a few years ago. The rules for this game, combining the basics of Draw Poker and Lowball, were invented by poker players from Korea. In today’s poker community, Badugi is just beginning to gain popularity.

crypto poker

The game

The hand begins with two players sitting to the left of the dealer betting blinds: small and big blinds, after which players are dealt four cards face down, and the first round of betting begins. The move begins with the player to the left of the big blind.

During the first round of betting in Badugi Bitcoin poker, participants can call, bet, raise, or fold. As soon as the last participant of the table made a move, players who have made a contribution to the pot can exchange from one to four cards, or stay with their own. Cards that the participants exchanged do not return to the deck and do not participate in the subsequent game.

Once the exchange is complete, players can choose from three moves: skip the bet (check), place a bet, or exit the game by dropping the cards (fold). Immediately after the second round of betting is followed by the second round of exchange, then another round of betting, the last round of exchange and the final stage of trading, and then a showdown.

The combinations of cards in Badugi are very different from the usual to us. Thus, the four kings in this variety of BTC poker are not considered the strongest combination and will lose a different 6-4-2-7. Winning in Badugi is any combination consisting of four different cards of different rank, the strongest combination is determined by the high card of each participant, and the ace is considered for a single unit.

Badugi formats

Badugi has only three formats: limit, pot limit, and half-pot limit.

  • In The Badugi Limit, players can place a bet that should not exceed the limits.
  • In Pot Limit Badugi the rate should not exceed the size of the pot.
  • Half Pot Limit Badugi. The principle of the size of bets in this format is the same as in the pot-limit version, the difference is only that the size of the bet is limited to half the size of the pot.

Chinese Poker

Chinese poker, whose rules make it a fully independent, card game rather than one of the more famous poker varieties, is becoming increasingly popular today on the best Bitcoin poker websites. Chinese poker appeared relatively recently in all its manifestations and almost immediately won the hearts of many players with its originality.

poker bitcoin

The rules of the game and their differences

In regular and open Chinese poker there is a standard deck of 52 cards. A maximum of four players takes part. The exception is “Pineapple” – a faster version of the game, where there are no more than three people. This is due to the number of cards dealt with each player.

Each player has thirteen cards on hand by the end of the hand, which he must distribute in three rows. In this case, the lower (highest combination) and the middle line should consist of 5 cards, and the upper (the weakest row), respectively, of three. Chinese poker, the rules of which may seem rather wise at first glance (and it extends to cryptocurrency poker as well), assumes that getting all the cards alternately, the player lays them out in accordance with the rules and tries to collect the most significant combinations, equivalent to the standard rules of poker. As a result, all combinations of participants are compared. Points are awarded for each winning one.

Open Chinese poker combinations

Chinese poker differs from other types of lack of betting, so the winnings in it are calculated by the scoring system, depending on the results of the game. If two lines were the winning line and one younger was 1 point, in the alternative, two. When all three rows have won the prize is awarded 6 points. The dead hand of one of the players brings the rest six points.

Bonuses are awarded depending on the combinations collected in a particular line. At the same time, the same hand will bring the player a different number of points, being in different ranks.

How Do BTC Poker Tournaments Work?

blockchain poker

Bitcoin poker tournaments are a relatively new thing, considering the fact that Bitcoin casino gaming itself is just developing. The rules are pretty much the same and simple as in poker tournaments for real money. All players have a particular buy-in but they are usually depicted in Bitcoins.

One of the main differences from ordinary poker tournaments is that you play with Bitcoins, which means you are completely anonymous. No one will ever track your transactions and everything is safe. At the same time, unlike real poker ones, they are significantly shorter in duration. Sometimes it could take even hours for the blinds to change which usually is not the case in Bitcoin tournaments. Blinds could change in 10 minutes or so. Games end way faster.

In other ways, Bitcoin tournaments do not have specific differences.

When are the Bitcoin tournaments held?

Different tournaments have different playing dates. Sometimes they are held every month, sometimes every week. Most Bitcoin poker sites try to have them every week, because of the huge demand for such competitions. If the prize pool is really big and equals $1 million (due to the fact Bitcoin is very volatile, it can represent different value in the latter), then it could be held rarely.

How many people take part in tournaments?

We have mentioned several times already that when it comes to Bitcoin there are not a particular set of rules, which every casino would follow. The same goes for the number of people, taking part in tournaments. Generally, their amount does not exceed 10 people – like in standard tournaments. Small player size is a huge advantage because tournaments end pretty much fast and the prize pool can be distributed to more players.

How much do you need to take part in BTC tournaments?

Depending on the price of Bitcoin buy-in could be different. Usually, in online poker Bitcoin 100mBTC required for you to take a part in the tournament. Starting chips are little in some cases, but blinds rise rapidly.

How can you be among participants?

In order for you to participate in a tournament, you need to have Bitcoin available on your account. Some casinos have their ranking and only a limited number of people can participate because the competition is huge. In some ones, there are no special requirements – you just need to comply with the minimum betting requirement.

How is the prize pool distributed?

First of all, it depends on how much is the prize pool offered by a casino. If it exceeds thousands, then it is usually distributed among 3-5 players. There are some tournaments however where even 8th and 9th places are eligible for the prize.

Frequent and popular games of poker with Bitcoin & strategies

The first thing to pay attention to when determining a strategy is the type of tournament you want to participate in. There are a lot of varieties of poker competitions. Let’s talk about the most popular.


We have mentioned that BTC tournaments usually end fast, but still, they can take some hours to finish. Multi-table tournaments take a lot of time and effort from the players. Be prepared that you will have to spend hours at your computer.

Therefore, beginners are not advised to start a tournament career with MTT. If you’ve reached a certain level of competition and are ready for multi-table fights, listen to the advice of experienced poker players, as well as learn the strategies of games at different stages of MTT: early, middle, and final.

Sit & Go

Sit-and-Go tables will be suitable for both experienced players and beginners. These blockchain poker tournaments are usually simpler and do not cause many difficulties. The number of participants in such a competition can vary from two to several hundred.

When choosing a strategy, it is important to take into account the fact that mathematics has a big influence on decision-making. That’s why it’s important to study what the ICM factor is, as well as to familiarize yourself with the push-fold strategy.

Playing in such a tournament also requires some tactics. It is important both mathematics and the ability to make a decision quickly and not dissipate attention.


This format is most often chosen by poker players who play poker for fun rather than to make money. And more often than not, these players do not think much about the strategy, but this is fundamentally wrong. To win and get even more positive emotions, it is important to think through and notice what steps lead to success in BTC poker. Poker math and the ability to play swiftly are of great importance at Spin-and-Go tables.

Important Poker Terminologies You Should Know

To learn how to play poker and understand the relevant literature, you first need to learn a kind of poker language. Due to the misunderstanding of some words, the meanings are sometimes greatly distorted, which ultimately affects the quality of the game.

Basic poker terms:

  • All-in – aggressive action by a poker player in which he bets the remaining money.
  • Ante – a forced little bet that is placed by each participant at the table before the round even starts.
    A call station is a poker player who constantly supports bets without assessing the real chance of sweat (pot). But usually, these players do not show initiative, so do not bet first.
  • Check – skip with a subsequent rise of the bet
  • Raise – when one of the players at the table increases a bet. Bitcoin poker chips are usually used, in contrast to regular poker. Such a move is more often done with a good hand to lure opponents into the bidding.
  • Blinds – mandatory bets made by two poker players to the left of the player before the cards are dealt.
  • Flop – the moment in the game when 3 common cards are laid out on the board after the first street. These cards are called Flop.
  • Runner – an unfinished combination that lacks two more cards, or a hand that has come together with cards in the last two rounds
  • Fold – quit the game after admitting defeat

How Much Can You Bet on BTC Poker Games?

BTC poker

There is no single system for Bitcoin poker games. Each casino is individual and offers various betting options. in most of the casinos to enter the table and register in the tournament there is a unique currency called chips. 1 million chips in poker with Bitcoin equal to 1 BTC. The minimum buy-in in tournaments is 50 chips. Every day there are profitable freerolls.

Bitcoin is not the only cryptocurrency, but the largest, most expensive, and reliable. There are hundreds of cryptocurrencies in the world, some are issued poker rooms and are used in them for money games. But Bitcoin remains the main and most popular, so in some poker rooms, it is the only option to top up with digital money.

There is also an opportunity in some online casinos to convert your BTC to the USD, EUR, or other currency. But as we speak about BTC betting, it should be said that generally, it is up to 0.001 BTC.

Bitcoin Poker Deposit Bonus – How Does It Affect Your Game

Casino bonuses are promotions that are given to users as a result of any action as an incentive to start the game. Online casino bonuses are given only on the condition that the player has registered an account. Bitcoin poker freeroll opportunities usually do not count as a bonus.

Any online casino bonuses are divided into two types:

  • Deposit bonus;
  • No Deposit bonus.

The casino deposit bonus is the issuance of a bonus when making a deposit, that is, accruing a certain amount to a gaming account. In this case, the casino bonus is added to the amount that is the deposit. This option includes bonuses for the first deposit, bonuses on a certain method of deposit, risk-free bonuses, and the rest.

No deposit bonus in a casino is the most anticipated for users. This is, in most cases, an online casino bonus at registration, for voting, free-time bonuses, and in addition bonuses on the referral program. These online casino bonuses are paid immediately after the established actions for which they are assigned. The amount of bonuses in any casino depends on the action, as well as an online casino.

Online casino bonuses for BTC poker and other games have their own positive qualities. First of all, it is, of course, a commercial component. The player of the online casino acquires the necessary bonus, and the casino directly acquires the player.

It is quite reasonable to believe that bonuses of online casinos, and just, the increase in capital with their help, much reduce the risk of losing in an online casino. In this case, the player is usually correctly defined the size of bets, as well as the requirements that are provided to the minimum level of bets to receive the bonus.

The bonuses collected online by casinos at registration, for the vote cast, or in any other situations, become very attractive for a large number of players. Bonuses online casinos can always be called not only a way to attract players but a very real means of multiplying their own funds.

Bonuses are usually very different in largeness – from $25 to $2000 (this could be way more in crypto poker) and above, it depends on many aspects, in particular, for what they are assigned and on what guarantees. In this case, it should be noted that if you have been informed that certain online casino bonuses when registering pays in the amount of an incredibly large amount, do not assume that this money is already yours. Any online casino has its own rules that put restrictions on the spending of these funds.

Why Should You Play BTC Poker?

It is up to each player to address this question, but the opportunity to do so is encouraging. So far, the trend suggests that cryptocurrencies will not go away from our lives, but will occupy only a more and more durable place in it. Therefore, those rooms, which were the first to catch up and granted the right to play poker with Bitcoins, can soon strengthen their position and attract a lot of fans of the cryptocurrency.

It should be noted that Bitcoin poker is very fast. Sometimes the prize pool exceeds the regular ones and the game process is really enjoyable.

In addition, the advent of blockchain rooms, fundamentally new from a technical point of view, gives us to see the online poker of the future. After all, blockchain looks like a solution to many of the problems of poker on the Internet.

Pros Cons
Fast-paced game Volatility
Anonimity Risks
Low Commission

FAQ on Bitcoin Poker

What are the types of poker you can play with Bitcoin?

The most prevalent type of poker game that you can play with Bitcoin is Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Chinese Poker, and Seven-Card Stud. The latter ones are also playable when it comes to cryptocurrencies but not as frequently as the first one. Different types of poker have the main goal – defeating your opponents, but there are some changes in rules.

What is the minimum buy-in at the Bitcoin poker room cash game?

Most of the time online casinos accept $10 with Bitcoin. You may also find one with a requirement of $20 or $50. The minimum deposit varies from casinos to casinos. Each site has its own betting policy that is completely different from the other. It should also be noted that when it comes to Bitcoin, the crypto is very volatile so it changes all the time. Because of that minimum buy-in might change. No one can tell you the exact answer, so before playing always check the requirements.

What are the ticket prices at the Bitcoin poker room tournament?

The ticket price is usually 40 mBTC. this is the amount that is required to enter a tournament. Also, ticket prices are different from each other. In other casinos, you might encounter different prices and requirements.

In general, when we talk about Bitcoin tournaments, ticket prices, or the minimum betting options, there is no strict rule that all casinos follow. It is like playing with real money. One casino can be a perfect fit for high-rollers and the minimum bet can start from a high value. Another one can be ideal for players, preferring low wagers.

What is the biggest bitcoin poker Tournament?

Right now the biggest Bitcoin poker tournament in the world is considered to be Online Super Series, where you can win up to 1,500 BTC. No other tournament comes closer to this one. Bitcoin poker tournaments are developing rapidly and we see more and more competitions.  Tournaments in Bitcoin poker are fast-paced and popular among customers. Depending on the price of Bitcoin the prize pool could change.

How can you play poker with Bitcoin?

As has been mentioned above, there is no fundamental difference between crypto poker and real-money play. The game in them takes place about the same way – the players who played in the usual poker rooms and have a Bitcoin wallet, the process of registration and playing in the rooms on cryptocurrency will not cause difficulties.

The registration procedure here is simple, as in other poker rooms with Bitcoin games. Some online casinos require you to download a poker app to start playing. After that, you can choose the right tables for the game.