by Hannah Weadon on April 5, 2021

SoftSwiss | Breaking record of 4 billion euros in total bets in March 2021

It has not been very long since SoftSwiss was able to reach a record-breaking number of total bets in the year 2020. In December, SoftSwiss announced that they had 3 billion euros in total bets. Right after three months, they come back with some more exciting news. As the company reports, their Game Aggregator has reached its peak – 4 billion euro of total bets in March 2021. Sounds impressive, right?

Game Aggregator – the cause of the big achievement

If we believe to the industry’s experts, this massive and quick achievement is the result of Game Aggregator’s adaptation, which gave the company the possibility to expand to new markets, offering a more relevant, exciting, and interesting gaming experience to its customers, who generally are from Asian and Latin American regions.

If you don’t know what Game Aggregator is, no worries, we’ll clarify things for you right now. To put it simply, it is a one-stop solution for all the casino operators, that unites thousands of different games from top-quality software developers. All of this is merged into one product, and that’s why the company is frequently called a casino games hub. So, why it might be a good idea to adapt to such a company? The first and the main reason is that casinos constantly need to update their game portfolio in order to attract and maintain customer’s attention. Nowadays, the right game content is a competitive advantage that can hardly be beaten. Game Aggregator helps you create a game portfolio, which in addition can help you save important resources – money and time. In addition, the company offers a high-quality support center, which can resolve any issues related to game content. The team behind the company ensures to provide casinos with technical support at every step of the way – helping different companies improve their business management process.

Did it happen because of Crypto?

As the team lead of Game Aggregator at SoftSwiss says, this is truly an amazing achievement which is the result of a super hard-working team. Since October 2020 the company has actually reached some exciting milestones, which include exceeding 100 million euros GGR (Gross Gaming Revenue – the difference between the amount wagered and the amount won). SoftSwiss Game Aggregator not only provides a stable environment for casinos but also has more than 10000 games, and most of them are optimized for crypto. It is not yet calculated exactly what part Bitcoin played in such a big achievement, but we believe that it was huge – considering the fact that lately, this cryptocurrency has been exceeding everyone’s expectations.

What is SoftSwiss

SoftSwiss is an international tech company, that is mainly focused on iGaming. It provides betting operators around the world with certified software solutions. They are definitely trustworthy as the company holds a certain number of gaming licenses, along with different awards from the industry. Their products include Game Aggregator, an online casino platform, sports betting platform, along with affiliate marketing and casino games. This vast product portfolio makes SoftSwiss one of the most recognized industry leaders nowadays. It’s important to note that in 2013 SoftSwiss was the first to create a bitcoin-optimized casino solution. So, it will not be a surprise to say that SoftSwiss is the first company that most casinos remember when it comes to technical experts in the use of cryptocurrency in online gambling.

By Hannah Weadon

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