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Top 5 RPG Slots – Games for Adventurers!

Slots have always been a popular part of every casino, and to this day, it remains so. The development of this game was a long way – traditional slots were replaced by online slots, making it possible to play comfortably from home. However, the gaming experience might still get boring – pressing the same button for hours is not much fun. That’s why software developers are always trying to innovate and think of new ways to richen slots with different adjustments.

One interesting type of online slots is RPG (a.k.a Role Playing Game) which features a level progression system and a storyline. This gives players a goal, meaning that they have the feeling that they are going to accomplish something by going from one level to another. The PC gamers are very familiar with such type, as videogames often use RPGs and slot game developers decided to try it out in online slots, which turned out quite a good idea. Compared to regular slots, RPGs are much more exciting and engaging, simply just because there is more depth to the game.

There are a lot of platforms around the internet that gives gamblers the possibility to play the best RPG slots. As there are so many to choose from, it might not be clear for someone to figure out which one is the most suitable. That’s why we’ve done the research for you, and in the following list, you will discover the names of some of the best games which are offered by top-quality software developers. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the process of finding your new favorite slot game.

Name Developer Reels Paylines RTP Bonus Game
Wild Worlds NetEnt 5 Cluster 96.5% Yes
Pink Panther Playtech 5 50 94% Yes
Viking Runecraft Play'N'GO 7 Cluster 96.4% Yes
Castle Builder 2 Rabcat 5 15 97.7% Yes
Game of Thrones Microgaming 5 15 95% Yes

Wild Worlds

wild worlds RPG slot

The first on our top 5 RPG slots list comes Wild Worlds. Created by Net Entertainment, this game has a progressing storyline and multiple generous bonus levels. You might wonder what is the storyline, and here it goes – as seen from the design of the slot, there are three birds sitting at computers, trying to save the world from monsters. Next to the 5×5 reel slot game, these birds will help you get random bonus missions in order to help you defeat the enemy.

The good news is that Wild Worlds is available on both – mobile and desktop versions. The RTP of this game is around 96.5%, and below is some additional info that might also interest you.

Provider Reels Rows Paylines RTP Bonus Game
NetEnt 5 5 Cluster 96.5% Yes

To win, players need to land three to five matching symbols horizontally. The bonus round lets you get 8 free spins, and you need to land a minimum of three scatter symbols to earn them. In addition, the bonus round features three different worlds called Dark Forest, Fire Lands, and Ice World. To progress through these, players need to defeat monsters, and for each stage, they are taken to a second screen with a wheel. Each of these worlds features different symbols, for instance, the Ice World has Heavy Wilds, while others might have a scatter or spreading wilds symbol. To put it into a few words, there is a lot to discover in the game, and for the beginning you can even try it out for free, just to test yourself and your luck.

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Pink Panther

pink panther rpg slot

If you have been looking for epic RPG slots, then this one is definitely made for you. Created by Playtech, this five-reel and 50 payline slot include a theme that can very easily be associated with Pink Panther. The best thing about this game is its progressive jackpot that the majority of players love and enjoy. There are five different bonus games that can be triggered randomly – for instance, Crack the Pink Code bonus lets you choose between 10 different safes which can be anything starting from free spins, ending with expanding multipliers and wilds. Other bonus games are also interesting and worth exploring.

The Pink Panther slot comes with an RTP of 94% and has medium volatility. In the table below, you can see some more additional information about the game.

Provider Reels Rows Paylines RTP Bonus
Playtech 5 4 50 94% Yes

There also are wild and scatter symbols available in the game, and they can lead you to massive payouts. The wild symbol payouts can include credits up to 5000 and are triggered when you hit 2 to 5 wild symbols on the same paylines. Pink Panther slot can be played for free on different platforms, meaning that you can try out its features without risking any actual money. We believe that this slot’s generous bonus system makes it very attractive as the chances of you winning is really high.

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Viking Runecraft

Viking Runecraft rpg slots

To play the best RPG slots, there are a lot of different important aspects that players should keep in mind. For instance, the design and sound effects of the game might be something that will make your gambling experience much more enjoyable. That’s why we think that Viking Runecraft is one of the best games that are available on the market nowadays. Created by Play’N Go, this slot screams out that its developers are thinking out-of-box. This is a 7×7 reel slot game that features amazing design as well as attractive bonus rounds.

Provider Reels Rows Paylines RTP Bonus Game
Play'N'GO 7 7 Cluster 96.4% Yes

The RTP of Viking Runecraft is around 96.4% which makes scoring small clusters of symbols pretty easy. You can score 1000 times your line bet in the game which is not a small number. A progressive bonus jackpot is something players can take advantage of as you can go through several different levels once you clear out specific patterns of symbols. All levels are associated with the heroes from the Viking world such as Odin, Thor, or Freya. The game might seem a little bit challenging in the beginning, but it gets pretty simple after playing for some time.

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Castle Builder 2

castle builder 2 rpg slots

Castle Builder 2, designed by Rabcat, is one of the most innovative slots that we have come across, as the idea of it is really cute and interesting. Have you ever dreamed of being an architect of your own home? If yes, then this RPG slot is going to make your dreams come true. In addition, if you decide to gamble with real money, you actually have a chance to win some cash for your dream house!

It will be no surprise to say that Castle Builder 2 is available on different devices, such as desktop, mobile, and tablet, meaning that you can take this game with you anywhere. The game itself comes with an RTP of 97.7% – below are some more details about the game, in case you are interested.

Provider Reels Rows Paylines RTP Bonus Game
Rabcat 5 3 15 97.7% Yes

In the beginning, the game lets you choose out of 3 different characters, and the map of 15 kingdoms offers its special material characteristics – the idea behind this is that you collect different materials which help you construct your own castle. You can build 75 different castles in total and can even meet princes or princesses! The design and sound effects of Castle Builder 2 are quite amazing, and the peaceful music in the background makes the betting experience even better. In addition, this game features expanding wild symbol features which give you chance to have multiple winnings.

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Game of Thrones

game of thrones rpg slot

Are you wondering if there are any RPG slots for crypto gamblers? If so, then the answer is yes, and Game of Thrones is one of them. This online slot, designed by Microgaming comes with an RTP of 95% and the potential to let you win a significant amount of money. Players are able to win up to 121000 credits from just one single click – the game even lets you choose your desired free spins, based on which house of Game of Thrones you are supporting: Lannister, Baratheon, Stark, and Targaryen. Each of these games comes with its own multipliers, free spins, and stack house symbols.

Provider Reels Rows Paylines RTP Bonus Game
Microgaming 5 3 15 95% Yes

Game of Thrones slot has a familiar series soundtrack that actually makes the betting experience a lot more fun. The highest-paying symbol of the game is the Iron Throne scatter that can let you get up to 3000 coins. This is followed by Game of Thrones Logo Wild that is up to 250 coins. It is possible to play Game of Thrones for free on different platforms around the internet, and in addition, you can even bet with Bitcoin if it is something you are looking for.

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Please note that regardless of how much RTP a slot may have, it is still very dangerous and risky to play it. Always stay aware of the dangers associated with gambling and refer to professionals should you need support.

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