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Top 10 Bonus-Buy Slots

Slot games are very adventurous to play. Each game is different which means that each slot machine brings a different gaming experience and adventure with its aesthetics, playing features, rules, and most importantly payouts.

Slot machines are very popular because of several bonus features, which are the main way to increase the probability of winning. Each provider wants to bring the player an incredibly different and unique gaming journey. That is the main reason why the variety of bonus features is raising too. Even though they are completely different from each other and this difference is depending on the type of game, provider, target audience, game rules, and other factors, there are some special features that most of the slots have.

These special bonuses are wild symbols, scatter symbols, free spins, and bonus rounds. Wild and scatter symbols have higher payouts compared to the regular symbols. Free spins are a great way to increase the winning combination landing frequency because if scatters, wilds, or other special symbols land during the free spin rounds, it brings more bonuses than in regular spins. The bonus rounds mostly include the cascading wins or the reels full of special symbols. This will bring the player high prizes and even jackpots too.

All these features should be activated by landing specific symbols on the reels. However, what happens if you are not lucky enough to get bonus features automatically? That’s where the bonus-buy feature comes into play. This means paying the specific amount from your total stake and getting different bonuses including scatters, wilds, cash prizes, free spins, and others. Everyone can use this feature after paying a specific amount of money.

So, if you are looking for special slot games where the bonus-buy price is low and winnings high, do not miss our guide down below, where we will outline the top 10 slot machines with impressive bonus-buy features.

Name Provider Reels Paylines RTP Volatility
Sweet Bonaza Pragmatic Play 6 50 96.49% Medium
Money Train 2 Relax Gaming 5 40 98% High
Cherry Pop Yggdrasil 6 486 96.20% High
Chaos Crew Hacksaw Gaming 5 15 96.30% High
The Dog House Megaways Pragmatic Play 6 117 649 96.55% High
Snake Arena Relax Gaming 5 30 96.25% High
Fat Santa Push Gaming 5 50 96.45% Medium
Release The Kraken Pragmatic Play 5 40 96.50% Medium-High
Gems Bonanza Pragmatic Play 8 - 96.55% High
TNT Tumble Relax Gaming 5 - 96.11% Medium-High

Sweet Bonanza

Provider Reels Paylines RTP Volatility
Pragmatic Play 6 50 96.49% Medium

Sweet Bonanza is a very popular slot game with amazing special features. This is a candy-themed game with colorful and enjoyable aesthetics. While playing, you will be impressed by the colorful ice cream and marshmallow mountains with magical blues sky and different candy lollipops. The pink colorful playboard is full of different shapes of candies where the maximum payout you can get is x21 175 of your total bet. With the bonus-buy feature, the Sweet Bonanza slot game is a great option for those who love playing for high prizes.

The volatility level of this sugary slot machine is medium and the RTP level equals 96.49% which means that you will get 96.49 USD back on average after placing the 100 USD total bet. With the structure, it is a classic game with 6 reels and 5 rows. The number of paylines equals 50. To activate the bonus-by feature, you should pay x100 of the stake. After that, you will get free spin features and high-paying symbol reels.

Money Train 2

Provider Reels Paylines RTP Volatility
Relax Gaming 6 40 98% High

Money Train 2 is a very adventurous game from Relax Gaming which is one of the leading game providers in the iGaming industry. The aesthetics are very impressive and realistic. While playing, you will be excited by the junk train with the old and painted metal walls. The aesthetic is pretty spooky but very adventurous at the same time. The symbols are not very unique and include the regular designed ones with a written amount of payouts on the top. But on the other hand, you will meet unique characters during the gameplay too.

The great fact about the Money Train 2 slot machine is that you can get 98 USD back from the 100 USD total bet. Yes! you are not wrong. The RTP level is quite high and equals 98%. The highest payouts are also very impressive and encouraging. More specifically, you can get x50 000 of the total placed bet. Even though the slot machine has impressive features and bonus features, the bonus-buy option gets the player closer to the main prize. For increasing chances, you have to pay x100 of the total stake and it will activate different bonuses such as respins, persistent collector, and collector pay bonus feature.

Cherry Pop

Provider Reels Paylines RT Volatility
Ygddrasil 6 486 96.20% High

Cherry Pop is a very fun game from Yggdrasil. The game was released in 2020 and quickly became one of the favorite slot machines among all types of players. The aesthetic of the game is not inspired by the unique theme. All you should expect is a classic fruit slot machine with classic symbols such as different fruits, red sevens, letters, and numbers. However, you will still be impressed by the high-quality 3D visuals with the neon lighting decors.

The minimalistic but fascinating aesthetic becomes more attractive with the great bonus features and winning opportunities. If you love high cash prizes, you can try this game for the highest payout which equals x56 386 of your total bet. The game has 486 paylines in total and includes 5 reels. The RTP for Cherry Pop is 96.20% which is over the standard RTP ratio. With the free spin and high payout bonuses, you can use the bonus-buy feature after paying the x75 of the stake. You will get 16 free spins and high chances of landing winning combinations.

Chaos Crew

Provider Reels Paylines RTP Volatility
Hacksaw Gaming 5 15 96.30% High

For those who love spooky and extreme gaming adventurous with impressive horror aesthetics, Chaos Crew is the best game choice. The title already warns you that you should expect a chaotic gaming journey during the gameplay. The association is completely right. During the gameplay, you will feel like one of the city rebels who makes chaos through the graffiti paintings. The game is full of different spooky graffiti artworks which makes the gameplay very unique and impressive.

The RTP for Chaos Crew equals 96.30% which means that you will get 96.30 USD back out of the 100 USD placed bet. The level of hit frequency is high too and the maximum amount of payout equals x10 000 of the stake. The winning opportunities are high with wild, scatter bonuses, free spins, and 3-level jackpot options. The bonus-buy feature includes guarantee of landing scatters on each spin and free spins too. All you need to do is to pay x129 of the total bet.

The Dog House Megaways

Provider Reels Paylines RTP Volatility
Pragmatic Play 6 117 649 96.55% High

The Dog House Megaways promises a very funny gaming journey. This is a game with cute animated aesthetics and symbols which are fully inspired by the dog theme. The game was released in August 2020 and very soon became popular because of its high payouts and great bonus-buy feature. With the gaming conditions, The Dog House Megaways have a high RTP compared to the average ratio and equals 96.55%. Also, the maximum payouts are giving you the wonderful chance to win an enormous amount of prizes. The maximum amount of payout for The Dog House Megaways is x12 305 of the stake.

The volatility level is high and the game includes 6 reels and 7 rows. The winning opportunities are very high and include scatters, wilds, and free spins. You can use the bonus-buy feature if you pay x100 of the total stake. This is a free spin activator which means that you have a high chance to land sticky wilds, scatters, and other special symbols, which have higher payouts too.

Snake Arena

Provider Reels Paylines RTP Volatility
Relax Gaming 5 30 96.25% High

If you love middle-century European aesthetics and themes based on myths or legends, the Snake Arena slot machine is the perfect game for you! With the pretty game storyline, you have a great winning opportunity, because Snake Arena includes wonderful and pretty unique gaming features.

This high volatility game includes 5 rows and 5 reels. The RTP level is higher than the average standard of the industry and equals 96.25%. Also, the winning combination hit frequency level is pretty high and the maximum amount of payout gives you a wonderful chance to win x2 758 of the bet.

The special symbols include different wilds and scatters which activate free spins and bonus rounds. The bonus-buy feature costs pretty low compared to the competitor slot games and equals x70 of the total stake. After purchasing the bonus round, you will get the symbols of knight and fiery snake on the reel.

Fat Santa

Provider Reels Paylines RTP Volatility
Push Gaming 5 50 96.45% Medium

With Fat Santa, you should expect a wonderful and enjoyable gaming journey with impressive symbols and special features. The aesthetics are very cozy and makes a comfortable space with warm colors, a fireplace, Christmas symbols, and cute Santa animation with a kind smile. In this 5 reels and 5 rows game, you are playing with the 96.45% RTP level. The total number of paylines equals 50 and the maximum payout you can win is x6 400 of the bet. The volatility level is medium and the betting ranges are starting from 0.10 USD with a maximum amount of 100 USD.

With the cozy gaming space, the Fat Santa slot is pretty great with the special features. Here you can enjoy free spins as well as scatters or wild bonuses. Fat Santa is the first game from Push Gaming with the bonus-buy feature. To activate it, you have to spend x80 of the total stake. This will give you 5 free spins and 5 guaranteed landing wilds which means high payouts and increased winning opportunities.

Release The Kraken

Provider Reels Paylines RTP Volatility
Pragmatic Play 5 40 96.50% Medium-High

Release The Kraken by Pragmatic Play is inspired by the underwater world. Here, you feel like one of the travelers who is looking for the enormous treasure under the ocean. So you will play with different symbols where each of them is inspired by the treasure theme.

Release The Kraken includes 5 reels and 40 paylines in total. This video slot game has a medium-high volatility level and great bonus features such as free spins and high multipliers. The highest payout gives you a chance to win x10 000 of the total stake but the regular multipliers are also quite high and different from other slots. The RTP is more than the average level and equals 96.50%. The chance of winning will be increased after the bonus-buy feature which costs x100 the initial stake and gives you 8 free spins with 10 gold chest symbols.

Gems Bonanza

Provider Reels Paylines RTP Volatility
Pragmatic Play 8 - 96.55% High

This is another very colorful classic slot machine from Pragmatic Play which brings you to a cave full of Aztec treasures. The different shaped and colored diamonds bring a very encouraging and motivational gaming space and make the gameplay more interesting. The quality of the animations is very impressive and well-designed. Even if you are not playing with the unique symbols, you still enjoy the diverse aesthetics and winning possibilities.

The RTP level is quite high and equals 96.55%. The Gems of Bonanza gives you an amazing chance to get the highest amount of the payout which equals x10 000 of the stake. On the other hand, the regular multipliers are very high. After landing regular crystal stones, you can increase the total winning from x50 to x1 000 of the stake. The religious symbol of Aztecs is acting like a wild and scatters. It substitutes symbols and activates bonuses. With free spins, cash bonuses, and jackpot opportunities, you can pay x100 of the stake and get all these bonuses during the bonus spins.

TNT Tumble

Provider Reels Paylines RTP Volatility
Relax Gaming 5 - 96.11% Medium-High

For those who love the crystal world, TNT Tumble is the perfect slot game for you! Relax gaming company provides a high-quality and well-designed journey to the treasure cave with different crystals and diamonds. This mystical and impressive aesthetics brings more excitement to the gameplay. The process becomes more attractive with amazing special features such as high multipliers, free spins, and for sure, the bonus-buy feature.

The betting ranges are acceptable and you have to place between 0.10 and 100 USD. The RTP which is higher than the standard ratio of 96.00%, equals 96.11% which gives back 96.11 USD out of 100 USD bet. The TNT Tumble is the perfect game for high payouts. More specifically, the maximum you can win is x12 278 of your stake. The volatility level is medium-high and the game includes 5 reels and a changeable number of rows. The player can purchase the bonus-buy feature and get more free spins with the high-paying symbols guaranteed landing.

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