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The Last Sundown Review – The Apocalyptic Slot

The Last Sundown, which is a new release from the famous software developer Play’ Go has its own original plot. Devin and Rae are siblings who try to save humanity in the wasteland that the earth has become. To complete their mission they must defeat two wanted power-hungry criminals Tuco and Lauro, who control the resources.

RTP Maximum Win Reels Paylines Volatility
96.2% 36 000x 5 10 High

The Last Sundown is a new high volatility slot game brought to you by Play’n Go. The game has an RTP of 96.2% and 5 reels – each reel holds a position of three symbols. The Last Sundown base game starts with 243 ways to win. The symbols get split randomly and this increases your chances of winning. The ways to win go up to 7,776. The symbols are connected to the plot of the game. The wild symbol is the treasure that the siblings are trying to redistribute among society, as for the scatter – it represents a health pack to heal the ones who are ill. The maximum bet per spin is $50. The Last Sundown features 8 free spins in the bonus round.

If you like to play with cryptocurrency, you will be pleased to hear that this game can be played with crypto on online casinos that offer The Last Sundown crypto services. You can play The Last Sundown with digital coins on many websites like BitStarz, PlayAmo and  7Bit Casino.  The game can also be played on mobile.

In this The Last Sundown review we will discuss the visuals, rules and special features of the game in detail.

The Last Sundown Visuals and Audio

If you enjoy the apocalyptic themes and sci-fi genre, this slot is for you! This game features the characters with flattering looks and post-apocalyptic outfits. The Last Sundown seems to be influenced by Mad Max. This is proven by the desert in the background and the weapons. The makeshift and futuristic aesthetic sets the intended tone of the game.

As you get to the Last Sundown free spins round the background changes to more cosmic view. The dominant colors change from orange and yellow to blue and white. The characters on the side of the reels keep changing from Rae to Lauro and even the evil robot dog!

Rae and Devin, both have white hair and wear dark grey and blue clothes with shining lines on them, the outfits give them the “good guys” vibe, while Tuco and Lauro wear clothes that make them seem like the outlaws. One of them has a metal arm like The Winter Soldier and the other wears a coat that would remind you of a pirate, both of their faces are nearly decomposed and masked like Bane from The Dark Knight Rises.

During the game, a hurricane of the desert appears in the background at random times. The music you hear makes the game much more intense as it fits the theme of the action-filled apocalyptic slot. The characters talk to you while you play, Devin tries to motivate you while the “bad guys” provoke you.

The symbols of The Last Sundown include the scatter symbol – which is a medkit used to save sick people, the Wild symbol is a W card that represents the treasure that Devin and Rae want to give to people. The other symbols are the faces of each character and the weapons.

The Last Sundown Rules – How Do You Play It?

The Last Sundown isn’t much different from other slot games with its rules and style. However, it does have several different features. This review can play the role of your The Last Showdown guide.

On each base spin a symbol randomly splits, when this happens each instance of that symbol splits at the landing. This could happen with any symbol except the scatter symbol. The scatter symbol, as mentioned above, represents the aid kit that helps the characters heal the sick people. If three scatter symbols land at the same time free spins are triggered. During the free spins round the splitting symbol in the triggering spin takes over the free spins round. By collecting those split symbols you get additional free spins.

Way wins are awarded for an adjacent combination of symbols from left to right. Only the highest-paying combination counts during the spin.

The Last Sundown Paytable – How Much Can You Win?

The Last Sundown has from 243 to 7 756 ways to win, as it was mentioned in the first part of this The Last Sundown review. The game uses a dynamic pay ways mechanic. The RTP of the slot is 96.2%, just a little bit above average. The maximum bet per spin is $50 and the minimum is $10. The Wild symbols can get you to win up to 5x the stake. The premium symbols have values of 1.2 or 5 times the stake. The maximum win of the game is 36 000 times more than the original bet, this is one of the reasons why the game is so attractive.

This is what the payouts look like: If matched 5 times knife and the axe symbols give you up to 0.4 times your stake, the pistol symbol gives you up to 0.6 times your stake. The gun and the grenade pay up to 0.8 times your stake. The dog and Lauro pay up to 1.2 times your stake. Tuco gives you 2x the stake, Devin gets you 3.2x the stake, as for Rae – this symbol pays the highest 5x the stake. If the wild substitute symbols match, you get 5x the stake. Medical kit symbols trigger the bonus round with The Last Sundown free spins.

The Last Sundown – Bonus

The Last Sundown bonus features include a free spins round. This is when the background changes to the night and the big moon with a pink glow appears. This feature is triggered by the medical skit scatter symbol. You win eight free spins, the free spins are being added as you go on and collect more splitting symbols.

The splitting symbols feature is activated randomly at any time during the base spin. Any symbol can split except the scatter symbol. This special feature makes the game far more enjoyable and exciting. During the special Free Spins round, Each symbol has a different requirement. There have to be 6 collection symbols for the weapons. 5 matched symbols for each character and 4 matched symbols for the wild.

The Last Sundown is a highly enjoyable game as it takes you into an action-filled post-apocalyptic world with futuristic themes and attractive characters with suitable sound effects and great visuals. It can be played online with cryptocurrencies and even on mobile. The game has high vitality and up to 7 776 ways to win. The slot includes an RTP of 96.2% and you can win up to 36 000x the original skate. These reasons are more than enough for you to start playing right now!

What is the RTP of The Last Sundown?

The RTP of The Last Sundown is above average with a percentage of 96.2%. In this game, you can win up to 36 000x your stake!

Does The Last Sundown have a bonus round?

The Last Sundown bonus round is a special free spins round where you win 8 free spins and as you continue to land the split symbols you are gifted even more free spins!

Can I play The Last Sundown for crypto?

The Last Sundown slot can be played online with cryptocurrencies and digital coins on online casinos that offer both The Last Sundown and Crypto services.

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