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Sunrise Reels Review – What Makes The Game Worthy Of Trying?

Name: Sunrise Reels
Developer: Realistic Games
Release Year: 2014
RTP: 95.27%
Volatility: Medium
Reels: 3
Rows: 3
Paylines: 5
Bonus Game: Yes

Sunrise Reels is one of the most simple slot games and has remained popular for years. The game was developed by Realistic Games and was released on January 9, 2014. Sunrise Reels has 3 rows and 3 reels and has 5 pay lines, which is the maximum for such a small reel amount. RTP of the game is 95.27% which means that at some point, you will win 95.27% of the money you spent in the game.

The volatility of the game is medium, which gives you a chance to win average prizes with a medium distance between the wins. The coins range of Sunrise Reels is from 0.25 to 200, which makes the game enjoyable for players with any budget. The maximum payout in one game is 120, which is suitable for the medium volatility slot. It is noteworthy, that the game is mobile friendly and realistic has developed Sunrise Reels for Android and iOS devices too. As the name of the developer says, Sunrise Reels offer a very realistic experience and gives you a feeling of playing in a real casino at the slot machine. We will talk about every little aspect of this game in this Sunrise Reels review.

Sunrise Reels Review

Sunrise Reels Visual and Audio

The visual of Sunrise Reels catch out eyes with cheerful colors and high-quality graphics. The design of the game is minimalist, which is suitable for most people’s tastes. We can see calm waves and beautiful purple sunrise that perfectly matches the blue ocean in the background. The name of the game is also written in big purple letters on the top of the reels and it goes crazy when you win something. The symbols of Sunrise Reels are classical fruit slot symbols like cherries, lemons, oranges, plums, grapes, watermelons, etc. The symbols of the game are not connected to the name of the slot, but the colors still make a good match to the background. The audio of Sunrise Reels is also very simple: A sound effect when the reels stop and a cheerful sound when you win. It will not be unfair to say, that Sunrise Reels is not the right slot for you if you are looking for an intense accompaniment for your playtime.

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Sunrise Reels Rules And Pay table

As we already said, Sunrise Reels is a classical slot game with 3 rows and 3 reels and is very easy to play, but if you are a beginner, here is the Sunrise Reels guide for you. In order to start playing, you just need to spin the reels with the spinning button and wait for your big win. If you are too busy to click the spinning button, again and again, you can use the autoplay button, which allows you to choose the number of auto spins from 10 to 100. You can stop auto-playing at any time, but you can also set when you want to stop it in advance. As we already mentioned, Sunrise Reels has 5 pay lines, which is pretty generous for this little amount of reels. Pay lines come in the form of a straight line of every row and both diagonals.

The pay table is higher than expected for the slot game with this RTP and volatility. There are seven symbols and the higher is a 7’s card which offers you 120 coins if you are lucky enough to get 3 of them in a winning line. We have Ba Bar and watermelon symbols on the next step of the paying ladder, which will make us 80 coins richer if we get the same three symbols in the right combination. Then there are grapes and bells which will pay 40 coins if we get the same 3 of those symbols in a pay line. Finally, Plumbs, oranges, lemons, cherries give us a chance to win 16 coins if we get them in a winning line.

Sunrise Reels guide

Sunrise Reels Unique  Features

Sunrise Reels is a classical, very simple slot game, so it will not be surprising if I would say that there are no Sunrise Reels free spins, a bonus, or a fun round. The game does not even have a wild card, which is very disappointing. The only special feature of the game is the existence of multipliers. The bells and the grape symbols have 20x multipliers, the Ba Bar and the watermelon symbols have 40x multipliers and the most generous is the seven’s card which has a 6ox multiplier, but you have to be very lucky to get them. It is not much but still is better than nothing. It will not be unfair to say that Sunrise Reels does not have anything unique to offer. This slot game is for people who are looking for a simple slot that does not need much time, attention, or involvement.

Sunrise Reels bonus

FAQ On Sunrise Reels

Does Sunrise Reels have a bonus round?

Sadly, the game does not have a bonus round or free spins.

Can I play Sunrise Reels for free?

Yes, it is possible to play Sunrise Reels free online.

Can I play using cryptocurrency?

You can use cryptocurrency in Sunrise Reels if you play the game on a website of casino which offers crypto services to their users. There are several casinos with those services, for instance, Avalon 78, or 7Bit Bitcoin Casino.

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