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Sonic Links – Colorful Game With Jackpot Bonuses

Sonic Links is an impressive and very colorful game from one of the most prestigious software companies – Microgaming. This is a brand new slot machine that is fully inspired by the classic slot-looking aesthetics. But the provider suggests different and high-quality visuals with impressive backgrounds and classic slot symbols. The game is great for new users who want to try the classic fruit slot for the first time. In addition, the game has great features such as conditions with high RTP and payouts.

Let’s start with the structure which includes 3 rows and 5 reels. There are 25 betting ways in total and the level of hit frequency is pretty high. The volatility level is high as well the game RTP equals 96.06%. If you love big wins, get ready because Sonic Links offers the maximum amount of payout – x5 000 the initial stake.

The player should place a minimum of 0.20 USD to start playing. The maximum amount that can be placed is 50 USD. So Sonic Links gives you a great chance to win 25 000 USD of your total stake.

If you wish to explore more about the exciting features of the game, make sure to follow our Sonic Links review.

RTP Maximum Win Reels Paylines Volatility
96.06% x5 000 5 25 High

Sonic Links – Visuals And Audio

All we can say about Sonic Links’s visuals is that the game is inspired by classic fruit slot designs. The styles as well as background and symbols are minimalistic but very impressive at the same time. The vibes that classic slot brings to players can not be substituted which makes Sonic Links slot machine even more attractive. The visual journey becomes more exciting with the high-quality and 3D animations with perfectly selected colors.

The main background of the game is a simple purple space with moving blue lights. The space is divided with circular dark purple lights which makes the space dark and brings magical vibes to the gameplay. The playboard is semi-transparent purple-colored with minimalistic golden frames. Next to the board is huge colorful boards with the jackpot feature names and payouts. So during the playing, you will always motivate yourself with the possibility of high payouts.

If you have played classic slots before, the symbols will be familiar to you but if you are new, then you should expect simply and realistically designed cherries, lemons, green grapes, and plums. The special symbols are huge gold with the title ‘BAR,’ golden stars, red sevens, and blue magical diamonds.

The gaming process becomes more enjoyable with the positive and harmonic melody which is full of drum and trumpet sounds. The dancing rhythms and music will bring extra emotions to the gameplay.

Sonic Links – How Do You Play It?

While playing this 5-reel slot machine with 3 rows you need to match 3 identical symbols on the reel. If you played slots before, then these simple rules are very well-known to you but if you do not, it is not a barrier, because playing Sonic Links is very simple. Your winning amount depends on the type of landed symbol.

Fruits pay the lowest amount of payouts. After landing three of them, you will be able to raise the winning from x0.3 to x0.4 of the total stake. The maximum payout you can get from grapes, plums, lemons, and cherries is from x1.5 to x2.5 of the stake. To increase your winning amount, you need to land golden bars, stars, red sevens, or blue diamonds. If you match golden bars or stars on the reel, you will get multipliers from x0.5 to x0.6 whereas the maximum payouts are from x5 to x7.5 of the placed bets.

Red sevens are high-paying symbols and they can increase the winning by x0.8, x4, and x10 of the stake. The highest-paying symbol is a huge blue diamond, which can increase your winning by x1, x5, and x15 of the stake.

The special symbol which can raise the winning significantly is the golden framed letter W which acts like a wild symbol. Compared to regular ones, this symbol has a higher amount of payouts and can increase the placed bet by x1, x5, and x40 of the stake.

Similar to other slot games, in Sonic Links you can create a more enjoyable experience with free spins which is the best way of increasing the chance of landing more winning combinations. All you need to do is to match at least three special symbols on the reel and you will get random Sonic Links free spins from 10 to 25. You can get more spins if you land more special symbols during the free spin round.

As we said, next to the playboard is written different levels of possible jackpot winnings. The game activates the jackpot feature randomly after matching at least four special coin symbols. This feature is called Link and Win and gives you an incredible possibility to win Big, Major, Mega, or Sonic jackpot prizes.

The lowest one is a Big Jackpot which gives you x25 of the stake. The next one is Major with an x80 multiplier. You can get x300 of the placed bet by Mega jackpot. And the final winning is Sonic Jackpot which can give you x5 000 of your total stake.

Is Sonic Links Worth Trying?

Sonic Links is a classic fruit slot with great winning possibilities. So if you are such kind of player who is oriented to big prizes and high winning possibilities, then Sonic Links is the perfect choice for you.

Simple but exciting and high-quality game visuals create a very enjoyable atmosphere for everyone. Realistically designed symbols and perfectly selected audio brings more excitement to the gameplay. Sonic Links offers a high winning chance with free spins, high regular payouts, and most importantly, the four-level jackpot which can give you a great amount of cash prize. This game is definitely worth trying!

FAQ On Sonic Links

What is the RTP for Sonic Links?

The RTP for Sonic Links equals 96.06% which is over the standard level of RTP. That makes the game even more attractive to the players.

Does Sonic Links have a bonus round?

The bonus round for Sonic Links is a free spin round where more winning combinations can be matched. Also, during this bonus round, the player has a chance to win one of the jackpot options with the high payouts.

Can I play Sonic Links for crypto?

Yes! Sonic Links for crypto can be played on different online casino pages. They offer to play with popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dogecoin, and others.

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