by Mia Bassham on June 3, 2021

Nevada Brings New iGaming Self-Exclusion Program for Gamblers

We all know that gambling was created for entertainment purposes, however, the fact that this activity involves money and the possibility to land big wins, some people have trouble using it for what it was originally made for. Problem gambling is something that a lot of people around the world suffer from, and it might not be easy for them to overcome it. That’s why some regulators along with separate organizations are trying to think of ways to reduce such cases.

New iGaming Self-Exclusion Program

The western American state of Nevada has announced a new iGaming self-exclusion program for those who wish to have a break from the gambling industry. The report from Las Vegas Review-Journal states that individuals wanting to control their gambling habits can use this program and take a break from playing casino games on the internet. The new scheme was approved by the Nevada Gaming Commission and will also be administered by it.

The main focus of the self-exclusion program is to prevent gamblers located in Nevada from accessing major gaming platforms including poker and online casino. However, it is also important to mention that the new scheme will not be covering land-based casinos and the possibility of visiting a casino and playing games will still be available.

It is still unknown how exactly this new program is going to work. The technical division of the Nevada Gaming Control Board is still working on the details. Gambling operators will have the chance to fill out an online form in case they want to be featured on the list.

Analysis From Expert

This indeed is great news, however, the expert from the University of Nevada Las Vegas, Alan Feldman, stated that there is no actual proof that shows that the existence of such schemes reduces the overall number of people with problem gambling. According to him, the problem is in the form of this program because once you decide to go for an online gambling platform, there is not much stopping you from doing the rest – and these self-exclusion programs mostly are offered in a critical moment, which does not have a better outcome.

By Mia Bassham

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