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Majestic King – Enjoy High Payouts And Free Spin Wheel

If you are the type of player who loves playing with diverse bonus opportunities and not for the jackpot offers, Majestic King is the best option for you. The game is released by one of the top leading game providers called Spinomenal. It quickly became very popular because it has an impressive and as the title claims, majestic gaming atmosphere with unique themes as well as special features. The game may not provide great jackpot prizes but offers a diverse choice of bonuses such as bonus buy feature, free spins, scatter bonuses, wild bonuses, and symbol collection feature.

The game structure is similar to the classic slot machine. It includes 5 reels with 3 rows. The total number of paylines is 25. Majestic King is featured with a low RTP level – 95.16%. Despite the fact that it is below the industry’s average, it should not discourage you from playing as the game comes with a lot of interesting bonus opportunities.

The volatility level is medium and the maximum payout is x300 of your total stake. The betting limitations are pretty low and acceptable. All you have to do is to place at least 0.25 USD as the minimum deposit where the maximum betting amount equals 250 USD. That means that the maximum prize you can get from playing the Majestic King is 75 000 USD.

Majestic King is available for every device user. On the other hand, the game’s demo version is also available on most of the casino platforms as well as on the Spinomenal official web page. Majestic King provides impressive and unique experiences for everyone. So, make sure to keep reading our Majestic King review to find out more.

RTP Maximum Win Reels Paylines Volatility
95.16% x300 5 25 Medium

Majestic King Visuals And Audio

The title of this slot game promises a majestic gaming atmosphere. The association is true. You will be impressed with the high-quality and very realistic graphic artwork with unique themes and symbols. This is a very different gaming space compared to other slot games which make the Majestic King even more special.

The game is inspired by the wild animal world. All included visual elements are designed in the African style. So, while playing, you will see a lot of golden symbols, visuals, and decor elements. The background is impressive and exciting sunset view in the desert. Sandy dues, golden sky, and red-colored magical trees with bushes create a very impressive background. The playboard is designed with minimalistic ornaments. The semi-transparent board is golden framed. The buttons are also designed with gold elements.

Another impressive part of Majestic King’s graphic visuals is the symbols. Each symbol is unique and high-quality designed. The regular symbols which are letters and numbers are colorful and golden framed. It won’t sound unusual if we say that in Majestic King the main characters are African animals. Here you will play with zebras, giraffes elephants, ostriches, vultures, and lions.

The gaming space becomes more impressive and exciting with the calm African-styled music. This brings a more magical vibe to gameplay. The merge of different musical instruments with low rhythms perfectly matches the game theme.

Majestic King – How Do You Play It?

Majestic King is special with diverse playing possibilities with simple rules. The main rule is the same as in other slot games. You have to land a maximum of 5 and at least 3 symbols on the reel. Before describing the regular multipliers, it is needed to mention that the multipliers are higher compared to the competitor slots. So, the gamers have a wonderful chance to increase their total winning amount significantly.

The regular symbols are letters and numbers. If you land at least three of these classic slot symbols, you can get multipliers from x5 to x12 of the stake, whereas the maximum payouts you can get from them are from x80 t x120. The animal symbols are paying higher payouts. For example, if you match at least three zebras, giraffes, or vultures, you will raise your winning amount from x14 to x18 whereas the matching 5 of them can give you multipliers x200, x220, and x260 of your total stake. The highest-paying regular symbol is the elephant, which can activate payouts from x20 to x300. The red tree, the Majestic King symbol, and the white lion are the special symbols. They act like a scatter and wild in the game. They activate special features.

The game has a special feature and with the help of it, every regular symbol can double itself which means increased multipliers. If they are doubled, on the reel two identical animals will appear automatically. The double animal symbols can also activate a random maximum of 40 free spins. The number of free spins will be chosen by the wheel, which is divided into 8 different numbers of spin opportunities. Where the red arrow will stop, the relevant number of free spins will be activated.

The special symbol that is written in the game’s title Majestic King, is a scatter symbol. If you land at least three of these scatter, you will get free spins from 10 to 40. The golden tree with the sunset view is the bonus symbol and acts like a scatter. After matching three of the golden tree symbols, you will get a bonus round. The main symbol is a white lion. This acts like a wild and can activate different bonuses such as high multipliers and free spins. If you land 5 of the white lion symbols, you will increase the total winning amount by x200.

With these diverse bonus possibilities, you can increase the wild and scatter symbol appearing chances by Bonus Buy feature which costs only x38 of your total stake. The bonus round includes 3 spins.

Is Majestic King Worth Trying?

Majestic King offers a great and enjoyable gaming atmosphere with the greatest bonus opportunities. It is quite rare to find a game where both – the aesthetics and bonus suggestions are impressive. Spinomenal proves that it is completely oriented to users’ satisfaction and the Majestic King is one of the great examples of that.

Majestic graphic visuals with unique themes, high-quality animated symbols, and perfectly structured settings create a very comfortable and amazing gaming space for any type of user. On the other hand, the game is oriented to increase your winning amounts and chances with every spin on the game. That is why the regular symbol payouts are quite high and players can get dozens of free spins, bonus rounds, and higher multipliers with diverse special features.

All we can say about Majestic King is that this is the perfect game that will bring you an unforgettable experience. So, do not hesitate, this slot game is worth trying!

FAQs on Majestic King

What is the RTP for Majestic King?

The RTP for Majestic King equals 95.16%. It is slightly below compared to the average RTP ratio which is 96.00%. But that can not be considered a discouraging factor, because the player has a very high chance of winning a great amount of cash prize with different bonuses.

Does Majestic King have a bonus round?

Majestic King Bonus round is activated after getting free spins or using the Bonus Buy feature. The bonus round includes 3 spins with guaranteed scatter and wild symbols. This means that the player can increase the winnings with higher payouts.

Can I play Majestic King for crypto?

Majestic King for bitcoin can be played on the majority of online casino platforms. Most of them allow playing with different cryptocurrencies such as ETH, LTC, DOGE, and others.

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