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Kensei Blades Review – Enjoy Fantasy World With Bonuses

Kensei Blades crypto is a brand new slot game from the very popular game provider – Betsoft. The game was released at the beginning of May 2022, but despite this short period of launching, the slot machine has already become popular and positively reviewed among the players. Kensei Blades is special with its graphic theme as well as bonus features, which bring more excitement and extreme during the playing. Here, every type of player has an equal chance to win the big numbers or earn different types of bonuses. With the unique and fantasy theme, you can enjoy free spins, autoplay, and several multipliers that create a wonderful gaming journey and atmosphere.

When it comes to the limits of placing bets, Kensei Blades is featured with a low range of bets. More specifically the minimum number the player can place is 1 USD and the maximum amount of placed bet is 50 USD. From the first look, it seems like the players can only win a low number of winnings with the maximum deposit but the different multipliers and the amount of the highest payout shows that for those who want to have a chance of big wins, Kensei Blades is one of the perfect choices for them.

That is because the maximum payout is x3 414 of the player’s total bet. With the volatility level, the game has a high level and when it comes to RTP, it is a little bit lower than the golden standard of RTP. Kensei Blades RTP equals to 95.12%. On the other hand, Kensei Blades is special with the huge number of winning ways that outline the realistic chance of winning for new and already experienced users. There are 720 paylines in total.

Another great fact about Kensei Blades is diverse bonuses. In the diverse list of unique symbols and characters, you can increase winning amounts by landing wilds and scatter symbols. That is a great chance to increase the winning number step by step and get the highest multiplier more easily.

RTP Maximum Win Reels Paylines Volatility
95.12% x3 414 5 720 High

For those who want to try this wonderful game without account registration and placing real money, the Kensei Blades demo version is available on most online casino web pages. All these platforms also provide the accessibility of Kensei Blades mobile mode, where the quality of the graphic visuals is still high and creates a great, fantastic gaming journey for everyone.

But for those, who want to find out more about game mechanics, bonus features in detail, and impressive, fantastic game visuals, do not miss the Kensei Blades guide, where we will explain everything in detail for you!

Kensei Blades  – Visuals and Audio

Kensei Blades is inspired by Japanese and anime culture. The visuals are very impressive, and exciting, and bring the players into a different universe. The main characters of this slot machine are Sakura and Kensei who are also designed in the anime style. The colors are bright and bring more joy with colorful backgrounds. The quality of design is impressively high and is oriented to create a realistic view for every user.

When you start playing, in the background you will see the colorful and bright landscape with a spring aesthetic. The green fields, sakura trees, and colorful flowers with magic blue sky create a calm and positive atmosphere during the playing. Next to the amazingly designed playboard, you will see the main characters, Sakura and Kensei with impressive costumes. The playboard is oriented on the magical theme and is framed with golden ornaments. The setting structure and buttons are simply designed with golden frames.

Kensei Blades has impressive symbols too. Here you will see the 3D-designed impressive golden sun, pink heart, green star, blue crystal moon, and more high-paying special symbols such as characters, different swords, and shields.

The audio is relevant to the theme and includes harmonic and calm Japanese music notes that bring more excitement during the game. For those who want to enjoy the unique and fantasy gaming atmosphere, Kensei Blades’s designs will impress you!

Kensei Blades – How Do You Play It?

The slot game includes 5 reels and changeable row numbers from 2 to 5. In total, Kensei Blades has 720 ways of winning and the main gaming principle is to land a minimum of 3 identical symbols on the reel. The amount of the winning is depending on the matched symbols which includes multipliers from low and high-paying symbols.

Let’s start with the low-paying, regular symbols which give you multipliers from x1 to x5 of the total bet. This list includes symbols such as green stars, pink hearts, golden sun, and blue moon. Landing three of them will give you an x0.1 multiplier whereas the five of them will increase the winning amount from x1 to x2.

There are also medium-paying symbols such as a shield, knight helmet, and round sword. Landing three of them will give you multipliers from x0.3 to x0.5 whereas the matching five of them increases winnings from x3 to x8 multiplier. The highest amount of payout has a red sword where landing three of them gives you a multiplier of x1 and five of them increase the total winning amount by 20 times.

Out of these symbols, Kensei Blades also comes with scatter and wild symbols which can replace the regular ones and give the player free spins. It is important to know that the re-spin feature in the game is not re-triggered and the maximum number for them is 240.

Kensei Blades Payouts – How Much Can You Win?

As we mentioned earlier, the betting limits are pretty affordable for all players. The minimum number is 1 USD and it can be increased to 50 USD maximum. With a little bit lower return to the player ratio which is 95.12%, Kensei Blades offers the maximum payout with x3 414 of your total bet. That is a pretty high number of maximum winning and is perfect for those who aim to get the big win. More specifically, with the maximum betting number, the player has a chance to win more than 170 500 USD.

Kensei Blades – Bonus

Kensei Blades is oriented to maximize the satisfaction of the gamer and wants to increase the bonus and winning chances realistically. That is why it offers different bonuses.

More specifically, Kensei and Sakura symbols act as wild symbols which appear on the second, third, and fourth reel. They are replacing the regular symbols after the fourth reel and give you higher multipliers. The warrior symbol is another bonus that should be landed at least three times and gives winning payouts from x2 to x50 the stake.

Kensei Blades’s free spins can be activated by landing two sword symbols. They will appear randomly and after landing five of them, players will get 8 free spins. If you collect 96 free spins during the game, you will get one bonus round. The maximum number of available free spins is 240.

Kensei Blades is a fantastic game for new users and already loyal players. It has an impressive graphic design and creates an unforgettable gaming space for everyone. A high number of paylines provide a high chance of winning. The game is also a great choice for those who want to try gaming for the big wins. So, if you want to experience a fantasy gaming world, Kensei Blades is waiting for you!

FAQ on Kensei Blades

What Is The RTP Of Kensei Blades?

The RTP for Kensei Blades is 95.12% which means that the player will get 95.12 USD back on average by placing 100 USD in total. The ratio is a little bit lower than the average RTP level which equals 96.00%, but with many bonus rounds, the game still looks pretty attractive.

Does Kensei Blades Have a Bonus Round?

Kensei Blades bonus round includes diverse free spin features which will be activated after landing the wild symbols. With free spins, the bonus round feature includes one extra round after collecting 96 free spins.

Can I Play Kensei Blades For Crypto?

Yes, you can! Kensei Blades for bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is available on many online casino pages, where crypto users easily can enjoy this anime-themed, impressive game.

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