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Top 10 High Volatility Slots in 2022

Playing slots creates a huge possibility to win. That is because of the high variety of video slots game with different gaming rules and features. Each slot, as well as the provider, is oriented to maximize the users’ satisfaction and create the most exciting atmosphere with high profits for players. If you are new to the slots industry, you should know that there are different types of slot machines. You can play with progressive or non-progressive jackpots, high or low RTP slots, games with diverse bonuses, or different volatility slots. Which one you choose depends on your aim as a player. On every occasion, the volatility level plays a big role in creating the amount and the frequency of winning combinations. Let’s take a look at the difference between low and high-volatility slot games.

Volatility is the level of risk and the probability of winning. It outlines the level of risk of losing the placed bet. In general, slot machines come with risk because the winning depends on the random symbol landing and players’ luck, however, with the volatility level, you can measure things better. To put it simply, high volatility slots include the high risks of losing and rare frequency of winning but also, it means that if you are lucky and risky enough, you will win a huge amount of cash prize.

In general, if you are playing slots, you are a risky person. So, playing high volatility games is better because there you have a chance to win a great amount of money. Wasting time on low payouts is not exciting and will not bring you an amazing gaming experience. But in the end, it all comes down to your preferences.

During this guide, we will describe the top 10 high volatility games which are from prestigious game provider companies and offer you high-quality game aesthetics as well as diverse special features and high payouts. So, if you are looking for an exciting gaming journey, keep reading!

Name Provider Reels Rows Paylines RTP Maximum Win
Immortal Romance Microgaming 5 3 243 96.86% x12 150
Supe It Up Microgaming 5 3 25 95.00% x10 000
Starburst XXXtreme NetEnt 5 3 9 96.26% x200 000
San Quentin xWays Nolimit City 5 3 243 96.03% x150 000
Dead Or Alive 2 Feature Buy NetEnt 5 3 9 96.80% X100 000
Rome The Golden Age NetEnt 5 3 20 96.06% x100 000
Secret Of Cleopatra Infinity Reels PG Soft 3 4 10 96.74% x100 000
Who Wants To Be A Millionaire Megapays Big Time Gaming 6 6 117 649 96.38% x72 310
Medusa: Fortune & Glory Dreamtech 6 4 4 096 96.62% x74 400
Perfect Potions Megaways SG Digital 6 3 700 000 96.31% x72 000

Immortal Romance

Provider Reels Rows Paylines RTP Mazimum Win
Microgaming 5 3 243 96.86% x12 150

Immortal Romance is a very mysterious and adventurous slot machine from the leading provider Microgaming. If you love dangerous stories or you are a fan of vampires, Immortal Romance is the best option for you. This high volatility game has 5 reels and 3 rows. The total number of betting ways is 243. Here, you will play with the unique vampire characters as well as regular symbols. While playing, you will visit an old and dark castle with spooky demons and angel statues. Impressive ornaments and 3D animated characters will bring you to the mystical storyline.

The gaming conditions for Immortal Romance are great. The game has a high RTP level which equals 96.86% and is over the average ratio of the industry. All you need to do is to place at least 0.30 USD as the minimum required betting amount. The maximum you can place is 30 USD. Even though the betting ranges are low, the amounts will give you high cash prizes. The maximum amount you can get is x12 150 of your total stake. The regular payouts are also high. The lowest-paying symbols can give you from x0.50 to x15 of your stake.

The four main vampire characters can increase the winning from x2 to x50 of the stake. The winning chances increases with scatter and wild bonuses. Scatters can give you multipliers from x3 to x600, whereas the wilds substitute other symbols and give you from x10 to x150 of your stake. With the special symbols, you can earn Immortal Romance free spins from 1 to 25.

Supe It Up

Provider Reels Rows Paylines RTP Maximum Win
Microgaming 5 3 25 95.00% x10 000

If you are a McQueen fan or love cars, then Supe It Up slot machine from Microgaming is just for you! The game was released in 2015 but still is one the most popular game among players. This high volatility game has 5 reels and 25 paylines in total. With the adventurous and dynamic graphics visuals, the gaming process becomes more exciting and attractive. High-speed vibes with the unique characters from the well-known animation series are creating very positive gameplay.

Every button, symbol, or background element is designed with inspiration from the movie ‘Cars”. The RTP for the game is 95% which is slightly below the average standard ratio. The betting ranges are quite low and you have to place between 0.25 USD and 50 USD to start playing. Supe It Up slot machine is special with the high options of bonus features.

The scatter symbols can activate multipliers from x2 to x500 of your stake and also give you free spins from 20 to 30. The wild symbol has higher payouts. It substitutes all symbols except scatter. In addition, this fiery symbol doubles all winnings and gives you payouts from x10 t0 x10 000 of your stake. Even for the regular letter and number symbols, the payouts are high and you can increase the amount from x2 to x150 of the stake.

Starburst XXXtreme

Provider Reels Rows Paylines RTP Maximum Win
NetEnt 5 3 9 96.26% x200 000

Starburst XXXtreme is a very colorful and enjoyable slot game with many crystal stones and neon lightning. This game is inspired by the design of classic slot machines but still provides an awe-inspiring gaming atmosphere for all kinds of players. The game is from a very well-known and prestigious provider NetEnt. This is a game with 5 reels and 9 paylines in total. The RTP for Starburst XXXtreme is 96.26% which is a great option for players. This high volatility video slot game requires placing at least 10 USD and a maximum of 50 USD as the bet amount. The maximum payout of the game is pretty high and equals x200 000 of your stake.

Each symbol’s payouts are quite high compared to competitor slots – that is because of the high volatility level. More specifically, you can earn from x2 to x150 of your total stake by regular multipliers.

The game increases your level of luck with free spins and other bonuses. You can earn Starburst XXXtreme free spins from 1 to 10 by landing wild symbols. In addition, you have a random wild bonus feature which is the way to substitute regular symbols and increase the probability of winning.

San Quentin xWays

Provider Reels Rows Paylines RTP Maximum Win
Nolimit City 5 3 243 96.03% x150 000

Dangerous storyline lovers, San Quentin xWays brings you to the prison which is full of criminals and culprits. With the impressive gaming aesthetics and unique characters, you will get extra emotions and adventure from this impressive slot game. San Quentin xWays is from very prestigious provider Nolimit City which is players’ favorite because of its unique gaming storylines. San Quentin xWays is one of the great examples of this.

This game includes 5 reels and changeable rows. The total betting ways equals 243. Even though the volatility is very high, the hit frequency of winning combinations is also high. The game has great payouts and a high RTP level which equals 96.03%. This level is over the slots’ industry-standard ratio. To experience this dangerous adventure, you have to place a minimum of 0.20 USD or a maximum of 32 USD. The highest payout you can win is x150 000 of the stake. This is a great chance to win more than 4 000 000 USD which is a very impressive amount.

There are many options to increase your winning amounts as well as chances. Let’s start with the Psycho Manhunt feature which brings the highest payout to the player with the amount of x150 000 of the stake. Jumping wild symbols can increase the winning combination landing frequency as well as the multipliers. You can also get San Quentin xWays free spins by landing at least 3 and a maximum of 5 bonus symbols with the title of lockdown spins.

Dead Or Alive 2 Feature Buy

Provider Reels Rows Paylines RTP Maximum Win
NetEnt 5 3 9 96.80% x100 000

Dead Or Alive 2 Feature Buy is the ticket to wild west America. This is a game full of adventure and culprits. If you love western aesthetics and playing for the great payouts, you should try this amazing slot machine. Dead Or Alive 2 Feature Buy is from NetEnt and was released in 2020. It remains a popular slot game because of its realistic gameplay and a high choice of bonus options. The game includes 5 reels and 9 betting ways.

The RTP is higher than the average and equals 96.80%. If you decide to play this high volatility slot machine, you need to place a minimum of 0.09 USD and a maximum of 18 USD. Do not think that because of low betting ranges, you will not be able to win high amounts of cash prizes. Dead Or Alive 2 Feature Buy offers x100 000 of the total placed bet which means that you have a great opportunity to win more than a million USD.

Rome The Golden Age

Provider Reels Rows Paylines RTP Maximum Win
NetEnt 5 3 20 96.06% x100 000

Do you want to travel in the past? Rome The Golden Age offers to bring you to the ancient European kingdom of Rome with its enormous wealth and glamour. You will be impressed with the high-quality and realistic gaming visuals which feel like you are traveling in ancient Rome for real. The game is from NetEnt and was released at the beginning of 2021. The playboard is unique and circular, represented on the huge golden gong. Next to the board, you will see the impressive Roman statues and amazing golden columns with plants and red curtains. The realistic visuals create more adventure and excitement in the gameplay. The symbols are unique and fully relevant to the theme.

Rome The Golden Age has 5 reels and changeable rows from 3 to 5. The total number of paylines is 20 and the RTP equals 96.06%, which is more than the average ratio in the industry. This high volatility slot machine has pretty low betting required ranges. You have to bet at least 0.10 USD whereas the maximum amount for betting is 50 USD. Additionally, Rome The Golden Age has pretty high payouts where the maximum, is x100 00 of your stake. This creates an amazing chance to win 5 000 000 USD if you are lucky enough.

Secret Of Cleopatra Infinity Reels

Provider Reels Rows Paylines RTP Maximum Win
PG Soft 3 4 10 96.74% x100 000

Are you a fan of the ancient Egyptian civilization? Then this game is the perfect choice for you! Secret Of Cleopatra Infinity Reels is the ticket of travelling in time. With the realistic game visuals and impressive aesthetics, you feel a real journey to the ancient culture.

This is a unique gaming experience for every type of player. This high volatility game is from PG Soft and includes 3 reels with 4 rows. Secret Of Cleopatra Infinity Reels has a pretty high hit frequency level which with a high RTP ratio gives a great winning possibility to players. The RTP is 96.74%. The required betting ranges are low and you can only place between 0.10 USD and 10 USD. On the other hand, you can win the highest amount of payout which is x100 000 of your total stake.

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire Megapays

Provider Reels Rows Paylines RTP Maximum Win
Big Time Gaming 6 6 117 649 96.38% x72 310

If you loved the show ‘Who wants to be a millionaire’ or playing for jackpots, this slot game is a perfect choice! This is the slot machine with great game conditions and high payouts. With the minimalistic but impressive visuals, it creates a very encouraging and exciting gaming space for players. The game includes 6 reels and 6 rows. The number of paylines equals 117 649. The volatility is high as well as RTP which equals 96.38%. If you want to experience the journey in the money world, you need to pay at least 0.40 USD as the minimum bet and the maximum 30 USD. The maximum payout is x72 310 of the stake which gives a perfect chance to become a millionaire and win more than 2 800 000 USD in total.

The gaming space is not very impressive but creates a quite good vibe. In the background, you can see the studio space of the show with the minimalistic playboard. The symbols are classic slot symbols such as numbers, letters, and different colored crystal stones.

The game is full of bonus opportunities. Here you can play with the megapays ladder where you can win different cash prizes from 100 USD to 300 000 USD. With the Hot Seat feature, you can earn Who Wants To Be A Millionaire Megapays 50  free spins. With the scatter and wild symbols, you can get better payouts and more winning combinations as well.

Medusa: Fortune & Glory

Provider Reels Rows Paylines RTP Maximum Win
Dreamtech 6 4 4 096 96.62% x74 400

Greek mythology fans, Medusa: Fortune & Glory slot machine from Dreamtech Gaming provider promises a very exciting gaming journey with dangerous symbols and dynamic adventure. This game includes 6 reels with 4 rows and a high hit frequency level. The RTP equals 96.62%.

If you know the story of Medusa, then you are very familiar with the game’s aesthetics and symbols. While playing, you are visiting a fiery cave where Medusa lives. The playboard is impressive, with the old golden framed Greek columns. Each symbol is from the myth about Medusa such as temples, mythological creatures, flying horses, and others.

The slot game with low betting ranges from 0.10 USD to 30 USD but the highest payouts are pretty great and equal x74 4000 of the players’ total stake. With the bonus features, Medusa: Fortune & Glory includes wild and scatter bonuses that give you free spins and winning combinations. In addition, the Fortune feature is the chance to get free spins from 8 to 40 with multipliers from x2 to x20. The glory feature increases the chance of getting extra wilds on the reel and gives more free spins to the player.

Perfect Potions Megaways

Provider Reels Rows Paylines RTP Maximum Win
SG Digital 6 3 700 000 96.31% x72 000

Fantasy world lovers, get ready because Perfect Potions Megaways brings you to the exciting and magical world with beautiful creatures, cute drafts, and impressive nature. This fascinating slot game is from SG Digital and includes 6 reels with changeable rows from 3 to 9. The total number of paylines equals 700 000 and the game has a pretty high hit frequency of winning combinations.

The RTP for Perfect Potions Megaways is 96.31% which is over the average ratio. You need to place a bet between 0.20 USD to 50 USD which gives you a great chance to win x72 000 of your stake.

While playing, you will be impressed by realistic views which create a more magical vibe in the gameplay. This is the room in the castle with the golden playboard. With the theme-relevant symbols, you feel you are part of this mysterious ritual. The gaming experience becomes more exciting with the bonus symbols. Here you have red and blue potions as wilds and scatters. They can give you a maximum of 15 Perfect Potions Megaways free spins and high multipliers. Also, you can pay x50 of your stake to activate the bonus-buy feature.

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