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Golden Buffalo Review – Is It Worthy Of Trying?

Name: Golden Buffalo
Developer: Toptrend Gaming
Release Year: 2021
RTP: 95.01%
Volatility: High
Reels: 5
Rows: 3
Paylines: 243
Bonus Game: Yes

Golden Buffalo is an online slot game developed by Toptrend Gaming and released in 2021. The game is simple and colorful, so it will not be a surprise if I say that Golden Buffalo has already won the hearts of many players. Like other classical slot games, Golden Buffalo has three rows and five reels, but there is nothing classical about its pay lines.

The number of pay lines in the game is 243 which is the maximum for classical 3 rows 5 reels slot. RTP of the game is 95.01% which means that you will be able to get back 95.01% of the whole bet at some point. Golden Buffalo is a medium volatility slot which, combined to pay lines, gives us endless opportunities to win. The maximum bet of the game is 500-pound sterling, while the minimum is 0.5- pound sterling, which makes the slot interesting for every kind of player. In this Golden Buffalo review, we are going to talk about everything around the game, from visuals to every little feature.

Golden Buffalo Review

Golden Buffalo Visual And Audio

Golden buffalo is outstanding because of many reasons and one of them is the game’s visual. The theme of the game is the animals of North America and you can see them among the symbols: moose, eagle, horse, coyote, cougar, and the main character is buffalo. The symbols are located on the wooden board connected with ropes which may remind you of the American frontier. The lower symbols, which are the cards from 10 to Ace have western aesthetics in them too.

The background is also the view of a beautiful sunset of the wild west. The game catches the eyes of the players with the beautiful colors and high-quality graphics. The scatter symbol, which is the golden coin with the roman goddess of freedom – Libertas, is also a reminder of America. The audio side of Golden Buffalo is connected to the theme as well. The game is accompanied by music that awakens the memories of the American frontier and the game will be very satisfying if you are a fan of this culture. The sound effects are also pretty cool but if you do not like listening to music while playing, you can simply mute the game from the sound button on the left corner of your side.

Golden Buffalo Reviews

Golden Buffalo Rules – How Do You Play It?

The game is pretty simple and easy to play, just like the other video slots, but if you still need a detailed description of every little aspect, you can use this review as a Golden Buffalo guide. In order to start playing, You simply need to spin the reels from the spinning button on the right side of your screen or the space bar and wait for success and if you are too lazy to do that, you can use Autoplay Button, which is right next to the Spinning button. The Autoplay button offers a wide range of auto-spins from 10 to 100, but it is noteworthy that the Autoplay button is deactivated after the bonus round and it needs to be reactivated if you want to continue spinning automatically.

As I already said, Golden Buffalo has 243 different pay lines with 10 regular and one scatter symbol to get the winning combinations. The regular symbols are cards from 10 to Ace and North American animals: moose, coyote, horse, cougar, eagle, and the buffalo itself, which is the wild card of the game. The Buffalo wild card makes your win more expected as it can substitute any symbol except the golden coin scatter symbol which makes getting winning combinations easier, but it only appears in second, third, or fourth reels. The golden coin scatters symbol triggers the bonus round of the game.

You can win eight, twelve, or twenty free spins depending on the amount of the golden coins you get on the reels. All symbols pay left to right except the golden scatter symbol. You need to select the credit value and the multiplier, which has a range from x1 to x25, for the wagered stake. It is noteworthy that the Max Bet button, which is located on the left side of the spinning button, deals only with the bet multiplier and not with the coin value.

Golden Buffalo guide

Golden Buffalo Paytable – How Much Can You Win?

Before we start talking about the paytable, we have to say that playing Golden Buffalo free, is as entertaining as betting. As the medium volatility slot which has an endless amount of pay lines, Golden Buffalo should be offering a pretty mean paytable, but the reality is the opposite. In fact, it is depended on the selected bet multiplier. The higher the bet multiplier is the better wins are offered.  For 1x bet multiplier, 10’s symbol offers 2 coins if you get two of them in a winning combination, 5 coins if you get three, 20 coins if you get four, and 50 coins if you get five.

The Jack, the Queen, and the King will make you 5 coins reacher if you get three of the same symbols in a pay line, 20 coins reacher if you get four, and 50 coins reacher if you will be lucky enough to get the same five symbols in a winning combination. The Ace will also pay you 5 coins if you get three of these symbols in a winning line, 30 coins if you get four, and 75 coins if you get five of Ace Symbols. The moose will bring you 20 coins if you get three of them in the right combination, 50 coins if you get four, and 100 coins if you get five moose in a pay line. The coyote will make you 25 coins reacher if you get three of them in a winning line, 50 coins if you get four, and 100 coins if you get five coyotes in a combination.

The horse symbol will pay you 40 coins in case you get three of them in a pay line, 75 coins if you get four, and 150 coins if you get five. If you get three cougar symbols in a winning combination, it will bring you 50 coins, 100 coins if you get four, and 350 coins if you get five cougar symbols in a pay line. The highest symbol is an eagle which will make you five coins reacher if you get two of them in the right combination, 100 coins reacher if you get three, 500 coins reacher if you get four, and 1000 coins reacher if you are lucky enough to get 5 eagles in a pay line. In Golden Buffalo, the scatter symbol pays too and it will bring you 40 coins if you get three of them in the right combination, 100 coins if you get four, and 400 coins if you get five golden symbols in a pay line.

Once you raise the bet multiplier up to 2x, every win will double as well, for instance, the eagle will pay you 10 coins if you get two of them in a winning combination, 200 coins if you get three, 1000 coins if you get four, and 2000 coins if you get five eagle symbols in a pay line. For the 3x bet multiplier, everything is tripled, for instance, the 10’s symbol will make you six coins reacher if you get two of them in the right combination, 15 coins if you get three, 60 coins if you get four of these symbols and 150 coins if you are lucky enough to get five Horse symbols in a winning line. Rules are the same for 4x and 5x bet multipliers: The prizes are multiplied on 4 for the 4x bet multiplier and on 5 for the 5x bet multiplier. It will be fair to say, that Golden Buffalo has one of the most generous paytables among the classic slot games and this makes the game even more intense and interesting.

play Golden Buffalo free

Golden Buffalo Unique Features and Bonus Round

Besides the impressive visual and generous paytable, Golden Buffalo has special features, which make the game more enjoyable, for example, the bet multiplier which, as we saw in the last paragraph, changes the paytable too, or the scatter golden symbol, which can lead you towards the Golden Buffalo bonus round if you get three, four, or five of these symbols.

In case you got three Scatter coins, the game will give you eight free spins. If you got four golden symbols, the number of free spins will be twelve, and it will be twenty for five scatter coins. Once you see a congratulation card on your screen, the bonus round begins. The visual of the game does not change much during the free spin feature, but there are some changes in the rules. The new quality is added to the wild card during the bonus round: if you get a winning combination with the buffalo symbol in it, your win may be multiplied x15! The game is very generous in the bonus round too, just like with the paytable.

Once you get your big win the game congratulates and the game symbol – golden buffalo is popping up on the screen. Another good news is that the free spin round can be retriggered, which gives the players even more chance to score a big win!  The bonus round is played with the multiplier which was used to win it. Once there are no free spins left, the bonus round is over and the whole money won in the round is shown on the screen.

Golden Buffalo bonus

FAQ on Golden Buffalo

How much can I win in the game?

Golden buffalo is a medium volatility slot, which means that both the time between the wins and the prizes will be average most of the time, but we have to remember that the paytable of the game is overly generous, which makes our chances higher.

Is there any bonus round in the game?

Yes, there is a bonus round, which is Golden Buffalo free spins. You can win them using the scatter golden symbol which can bring you eight, twelve, or twenty free spins which can be triggered.

Can I play Golden Buffalo for free?

Yes, you can and it is the best way to properly rate the game and decide whether it is suitable for you or not.

Can I play Golden Buffalo Using cryptocurrency?

Yes, it is completely possible if you use the casino websites which offer their clients crypto services, for instance, Avalon78, 7Bit Casino, or PlayAmo.

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