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Ezugi Slots Review – Experience Marvelous Games

Ezugi is a phenomenal software development company that has been operating in the gambling industry for a long time now. The main objective of this provider is to establish high-class live casino games consisting of captivating visuals and straightforward game mechanics. They have a team of professionals with tremendous knowledge and skills, therefore they furnish gambling platforms with the highest quality of products and Ezugi is one of the best live dealer games providers in the gambling world. They have definitely revolutionized the way live games were created by adding innovative features and enhancing the security of every product. Ezugi was launched in 2013 and has earned colossal popularity ever since due to these reasons, and most importantly, we are dealing with a company that is entirely licensed and regulated under the laws of Curacao. So, it is a 100% reliable organization that guarantees safety and fairness to every customer.

Top 5 Ezugi Crypto Casino Games

Name Type RTP
Automatic Roulette Roulette 97.3%
Black Russian Blackjack Blackjack 99.67%
Bet On Numbers Live Dealer Game 95.0%
Casino Holdem Poker 93.74%
No Commission Baccarat Baccarat 98.94%

It is important to note that Ezugi focuses solely on live casino games and you will not encounter any kind of slot games there. This is a special feature of this company that makes it stand out from the rest providers. However, being focused only on live dealer games, they manage to develop extremely delightful games that include professional dealers and an enchanting interface along with easy-to-understand game mechanics. As you can see from the table below, Ezugi crypto games usually contain 95-99% RTP which is above average category and they ensure to return you substantial amounts on average. Hence, it is pretty obvious why Ezugi has caused such a massive engagement of punters worldwide, and below, we are gonna describe some of the most popular live games established by them.

Automatic Roulette

Type RTP
Roulette 97.3%

Automatic Roulette is one of the top Ezugi live games in the gambling world. This game is especially convenient for gamblers who do not enjoy both – a live dealer and a random number generator. You will be able to enjoy this game without any distraction and it is offering a playing ground to an unlimited number of customers. Moreover, the high-class playing interface comprised of delightful graphics is convenient for both mobile and computer devices without losing the quality one bit. This version is slightly advanced compared to others due to the increased number of bets and faster gameplay. The playing area is designed in a straightforward way that’s why there is no need for a dealer and you will not have a hard time playing Automatic Roulette since all the essential buttons are available on the screen.

As for the game mechanics, you will see a betting area at the bottom of the game and you have 30 seconds to place the bet and choose numbers. It is more than enough time to make a decision and after that, the camera will start to track the position of the ball and you will be able to view clearly where it will be landed on the wheel. If you still did not manage to see the chosen number properly, don’t worry, because it will be presented on the screen anyways, so the game mechanics of Automatic Roulette is pretty transparent as you can tell. Furthermore, there are all the necessary options available in case you want to alter or double your bets, repeat your previous position, remove existing numbers, and so on. You are able to execute these functions with a single click in the game.

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Black Russian Blackjack

Type RTP
Blackjack 99.67

The next one on our Ezugi games list is also an extremely famous Blackjack game developed by Ezugi. This game includes super exciting attributes, and as you may have already guessed by the name, it will be especially enjoyable for people who love black color. As soon as you enter the game, you will be greeted by a dealer dressed elegantly all in black and the whole playing environment will be eye-catching for every visitor. Also, Black Russian Blackjack includes one of the highest RTP in every casino game – 99.67% which offers punters an amazing opportunity to get back almost as much as they wager in this game. The developers did not forget about crypto lovers as well and they have included different types of cryptocurrencies as a form of payment Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, and so on. You will not encounter such kinds of possibilities in the majority of live games, therefore it is pretty obvious why Black Russian Blackjack has attracted numerous customers and become one of the most frequently played Ezugi bitcoin games.

The rules of this game are fairly simple since it features a playing table consisting of 8 decks and 52 cards. As soon as the betting time begins, you should select the wagering amount by the chips that contain different kinds of numbers and place them in front of you. The game mechanics are pretty much the same as you see in all Blackjack games and you have to reach the 21 number before the dealer does so. Moreover, players have a chance to provide optional side bets such as Perfect Pairs, 21+3, Ten 20, and Perfect 11. We strongly recommend acquiring basic rules and strategies of Blackjack in order to maximize the winning chances in Black Russian Blackjack. It is also worth noting that the playing design is highly advanced compared to the previous version and it is now possible to play this fascinating game on all kinds of devices including smartphones.

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Bet On Numbers

Type RTP
Live Casino Game 95.0%

Bet On Numbers is another enchanting live casino game developed by Ezugi. We have to highlight that you will not come across this game on the majority of gambling platforms and Ezugi was the first provider that started establishing Bet On Numbers. As a result, we are seeing a vast number of casinos trying to add this game into their live casino section. It also allows an unlimited number of players to join and start gambling and most importantly, Bet On Numbers provides pretty appealing payouts which is the main reason behind such an enormous engagement of customers. The RTP of this game is 95% which is considered average in the gambling industry and you have a chance to get back high amounts of money after gambling. Also, we have good news for crypto users since Bet On Numbers accepts all kinds of cryptocurrencies as a payment option including Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, and several others.

The rules of this game are very easy and newbies will not have any difficulty playing it. We want to point out that there are three categories available in Bet On Numbers in terms of betting – Color Bets, Number Bets, and Sum Bets. The first option means that you can place the bet on the specific color will it be one ball or a group of balls, for instance, you can predict whether the upcoming ball will be green, or the upcoming five balls will be green. The Number Bets work exactly in the same way and you are able to wager on single or multiple numbers if you wish. The last option gives you the opportunity to guess whether the sum of coming balls will exceed a certain number or not, and you will be paid accordingly if you predict this correctly. As you can see, there is nothing complicated in this game and it is promising to reward you with tremendous prizes from time to time.

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 Casino Hold’em

Type RTP
Poker 93.74%

Casino Hold’em is one of the most frequently played poker games on every gambling platform and it is no surprise that the developers at Ezugi spend a lot of time establishing a high-quality game that will be a dream destination for every poker enthusiast. They have made several upgrades compared to the versions made by other providers and as a result, we are seeing some unique features in this game. You will encounter a professional live dealer here as well and it is also intended for an unlimited number of players. The game mechanics bear a strong resemblance to Texas Hold’em Poker which means that the rules are pretty simple and you are not required to have specific knowledge or skills to play Casino Hold’em. Just a basic understanding of five-card poker is enough to get you started in this game!

Unlike the traditional poker game where you should outsmart and defeat other players, the main objective here is to beat the dealer in front of you. At the beginning of the game, both you and the dealer will be dealt two cards that will be followed by the Flop which contains three cards. From now on, you have only two options – play on or fold, since raising money is not possible in this game and there is no need of bluffing as well. When you continue playing, additional two cards – turn and river will be displayed and the final showdown will decide the winner of the round. So, as you can see, Casino Hold’em is played with regular poker rules with just slight alterations because players are not able to raise in this game and they are playing solely against the dealer. Moreover, there are some bonus opportunities in Casino Hold’em which you should definitely take advantage of!

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No Commission Baccarat

Type RTP
Baccarat 98.94%

The last one on our Ezugi crypto games list is a baccarat game launched by Ezugi that is called No Commission Baccarat. It offers unique possibilities to every gambler and we can firmly state that it is one of the best baccarat games available on any gambling platform.  The quality of the playing interface is outstanding and you will run into extremely marvelous visuals with some added features. There is a professional live dealer hosting the game so that even newcomers will not have a hard time getting familiar with the playing mechanics. We want to note that this version has completely gotten rid of an annoying 5% charge on banker bets. Moreover, if you prefer to gamble with cryptos rather than traditional fiat currencies, then we have excellent news for you since No Commission Baccarat is allowing every punter to enjoy this game with Bitcoin and many other cryptos. as for the RTP, it is 98.94% which is considered extremely high in the gambling world and it will help you to get back considerable amounts of money after wagering.

The game mechanics are highly straightforward in this case as well and we will teach you how to play No Commission Baccarat Here. The first thing you need to do is to choose and place your bets on the presented main bets. You will be short of time during this process so you have to act quickly. For the next step, the dealer will display two cards – one for himself and one for the player, your main goal is to get closest to eight or nine with the sum of your card and by doing so, you will beat the dealer. In case both cards are the same, then the round is considered tied. Moreover, there are some attractive characteristics added to this game compared to fellow versions and you should not miss out on these opportunities when playing No Commission Baccarat.

What Makes Ezugi Casino Games Unique?

As we have mentioned several times in this article, Ezugi has made a revolution when it comes to live casino games ever since its establishment. They have made enormous innovations and created high-class games with exceptional visuals. Ezugi includes a team of professionals who are extremely skilled and as a result, they work hard to provide live dealer games with delightful graphics that will be eye-catching for every newcomer and inspiring to stay and gamble here for a long time. Furthermore, alterations also have been made in terms of game mechanics since we encounter several added attributes to all kinds of live games including Roulette, Blackjack, Poker, and Baccarat. They have opened the way for completely new opportunities and punters have grabbed them instantly, therefore we witness a colossal engagement from all over the world.

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FAQ On Ezugi

Where Can I Play Ezugi BTC Games?

There are plenty of websites featuring Ezugi live casino games online such as Betchain, KingBit Casino, Betcoin Casino, and so on.

Does Ezugi Have Crypto Games?

Yes, Ezugi includes a vast number of crypto games, and players are able to gamble with all kinds of cryptocurrencies starting from Bitcoin.

Are Ezugi Games Good?

Yes, Ezugi games are definitely good. The main reason behind its huge popularity is its high-quality graphics and sound effects. Besides that, the gameplay comes with a bunch of different attractive bonus features that make the overall experience very enjoyable.

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