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Divine Riches Helios – Enjoy Gaming With a 4-Level Jackpot Offer

Divine Riches Helios is an incredibly enjoyable video slot game from the provider called Just For Fun. This game, as the title outlines, creates a divine and very exciting gaming space with its mythological-based graphic artwork and perfect playing conditions. That makes the game attractive for new players as well as experienced slot fans. The fact that the Divine Riches Helios was released on 14 June 2022 and is already very popular, proves that every slot gamer should try this unique game, special with its high winning opportunities.

Just For Fun brings you to ancient Greece with the mythological creatures and Greek culture. The conditions are pretty great and make an easy and comfortable journey even for inexperienced ones. The game has 5 reels and 4 rows. The paylines equal 30 and the RTP level is higher compared to the average RTP standard. The RTP for Divine Riches Helios is 96.05% whereas the industry standard is 96.00%. That means that the loss amount is pretty low and the player will get back 96.05 USD back on average after placing the total bet of 100 USD. The volatility level is high too.

The game can be interesting for those who love playing for high amounts of cash prizes. The maximum amount of payout is x5 000 of the total stake. To enjoy this divine-themed game, you have to create a bet of at least 0.20 USD. The maximum amount you can place as a bet is 30 USD. So the game offers you to get 60 000 USD as the maximum cash prize.

Getting closer to the main prize is easier with the diverse bonuses of the Divine Riches Helios. For example, you can increase the winning chances with symbol swap, level up, symbol collector, and pick bonus feature. If you wish to know what these bonuses offer in more detail, do not miss our Divine Riches Helios guide!

RTP Maximum Win Reels Paylines Volatility
96.05% x5 000 5 30 High

Divine Riches Helios Visuals and Audio

From the title, it is not hard to associate the main theme with the ancient Greek culture with its mythological creatures and gods. While playing, you will be impressed with the high-quality and pretty realistic visuals and symbols. Every symbol outlines the Greek culture and creates a very calm, harmonic, and aesthetical gaming space. As Greeks love the color Blue, the main background, as well as the playboard, is designed in the blue color. The background is simple and shows the sunny, calm sky with fluffy clouds. The main playboard is framed with Greek-style classic columns and golden frames. The board is simple, deep blue where different greek culture-inspired elements appear.

The regular slot symbols, letters, and numbers are substituted with the card symbols. The crystal hearts, spades, diamonds, and clubs. The medium and high-paying symbols are green olives, greek jars, harps, riders, and the main character Helios.

The audio is also inspired by Greek culture. So while playing, you will enjoy the calm and harmonic rhythms with harp sounds which perfectly match the game’s theme. The aesthetic is so enjoyable and realistic, that you will feel like you are traveling into ancient Greece.

Divine Riches Helios – How Do You Play It?

Playing this 5×4 reel game is pretty easy. The different symbols have different payouts and to activate them, you need to match at least three and a maximum of five on the same reel. We can divide Divine Riches Helios symbols into three types: low, medium, and high-paying ones. The game also includes the scatter symbols which are golden Greek coins and blue coins which act as wilds. The crystal shapes, clubs, spades, hearts, and diamonds have the lowest payouts. If you match them on the reel, you will increase the total winning amount from x0.4 to x3 of the stake.

Greek olives, blue jars, harps, and chess figure riders are the medium-paying symbols. If you land three of the medium symbols, you will be able to raise the winning amount from x0.8 to x1. After landing five of them, the winning amount goes up from x4.5 to x9 of the total bet. The main character, Helios is the special symbol that can increase the winning number by x1.5, x5, and x10 of the stake.

The game becomes more impressive with the special bonus suggestions. Let’s start with the bonus called Blazing Bonus. This is the chance to get the high payouts in Divine Riches Helios slot. After appearing bonus token, you have to click on the item and it randomly shows the bonus you got. With this special offer, you have a chance to get x15, x40, x200, and x5 000 multipliers.

The scatter symbols can activate Divine Riches Helios free spins. You need to match at least three scatter symbols, which will activate 8, 12, and 16 free spins. During the free spin rounds, the main character – Helios randomly appears randomly. If you collect 12 Helios symbols,  you will get the Hand of Helios Bonus feature. This means getting higher multipliers and more than 2 free spins.

Is Divine Riches Helios Worth Trying?

We truly recommend playing Divine Riches Helios because it is a great opportunity to explore the impressive journey with high payouts and easy winning chances. To start with the gaming atmosphere, Divine Riches Helios provides a calm and very enjoyable space with the Greek cultural elements. The aesthetic is impressive and brings a better mood to the gameplay.

The game conditions, which include good volatility level, high RTP, and high payouts create a wonderful chance for any kind of player to win easily with a low level of risk. As we saw, the Divine Riches Helios slot machine offers diverse bonuses to maximize the users’ satisfaction. Here you can win different jackpot payouts, get several free spins, and maximize your winning chances with wild and scatter symbols. All these make the Divine Riches Helios game very impressive and attractive for those who want to play with low risk and for those too, who love to play for high winnings. Do not hesitate, Divine Riches Helios is worth trying!

FAQs on Divine Riches Helios

What is the RTP for Divine Riches Helios?

The RTP for Divine Riches Helios equals 96.05%. This is higher than the average RTP level which equals 96.00%. That is something that makes the slot machine much more attractive to players.

Does Divine Riches Helios have a bonus round?

The free spin bonuses can be considered as a bonus round in Divine Riches Helios. During the free spin rounds, the player should collect 12 Helios symbols in total, which brings the highest payouts to the player.

Can I play Divine Riches Helios for crypto?

Yes, you can! Divine Riches Helios for bitcoin as well as for other cryptocurrencies can be played on most online casino websites. They also allow playing with BCH, DOGE, XRP, LTC, and other popular digital coins.

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