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Coba – Explore Aztec Culture With Amazing Prizes

For those who love the culture of ancient Central America with its mysticism and legends, we have great news for you from ELK studio. They just released the amazing slot machine called Coba at the beginning of July 2022. This is a very adventurous and exciting game with impressive visuals and the dynamism it brings to users. Ancient Aztec civilizations with a lot of mystery and unique creatures make the game special and different from compared to competitor slots.

Before you decide that this is another boring game with treasure and gold, wait for a second because during this Coba guide we will prove to you that this is a unique gaming journey with different and unforgettable gaming experience.

ELK Studio as a user-oriented provider suggests pretty great conditions for playing. For example, if you decide to play the Coba slot machine, you will get 95 USD back from the 100 USD placed bet. This means that the RTP for this game is 95%. Also, the betting ranges are pretty affordable. The minimum amount you can start playing with is 0.20 USD. The maximum amount goes up to 100 USD. Do not forget that the Coba remembers how you love playing for high cash prizes. For that reason, the maximum payout of the game is x25 000 of the stake. With the structure, it is a slot machine with 7 rows and 7 reels.

ELK Studio gives enormous chances of winnings with amazing bonus buy, wild snake, and other wonderful bonus features. Also, the game quality is provided for different device users. The company uses advanced technology. This gives every device user a possibility to try Coba mobile version with great-quality visuals as well as conditions. Another amazing news is that if you want to avoid the risks of placing bets and just want to try the game for fun, you can play Coba demo mode on different online casino web pages which do not require registration too.

RTP Maximum Win Reels Paylines Volatility
95% x25 000 7 - Medium

Coba Visuals And Audio

The name of this game is pretty strange. You can not associate it with something specific. But after you discover what the game is about, you feel the dynamic adventurous vibes that increase the level of interest and attractiveness of the game. Coba is a mythological creature from an Aztec culture which was an ancient civilization in the Central American territory. They were powerful and very rich people with amazing rituals and traditions.

While playing, you will see a lot of luxurious elements including playboards and symbols. But the view of the background is so impressive that brings more excitement and exotic vibes to the gameplay. More specifically you can see a beautiful tropical landscape with green mountains, huge trees, amazing stoned columns, and golden Aztec statues of different religious creatures.

The main playboard is impressive and very shiny with its luxurious golden frames and crystal green stones. With amazing snake statues and brick shapes, it creates an impressive frame.

The symbols are different and each of them is circular shaped. They represent different golden or rocky stones with religious symbols. For example, you will play with green, blue, and pink stones with the images of tigers and rabbits. Also, golden luxurious coins with different colored crystal stones. The main symbol is the golden coin with a Coba face and another golden ring with magical white and green crystals.

This journey to ancient Central America becomes more mystic and magical with the pretty tensed but harmonic melodies which are used as a soundtrack of the game. The melody is definitely inspired by the cultural elements and brings more emotions to the gameplay.

Coba – How Do You Play It?

As a general rule, you need to land matching symbols in order to win. The minimum amount of matching symbols should be 5. The highest regular multiplier will be activated after you match at least 15 identical symbols. The minimum amounts from these stone coins are from x0.1. to x0.15 whereas the maximum payouts you can get are from x4 to x10.

The medium-paying symbols are green, blue, and red crustal coins with the same color frames. The minimum multipliers from these symbols can increase your total winning by x0.3, x0.5, and x0.8. The maximum multipliers are from x15 to x50 of the placed bet. The Coba coin with golden frames is the symbol with the highest payouts. Matching five of the Coba symbols gives you an x1 multiplier while landing 10 gives x10, and landing at least 15 gives x500 of the total stake.

The main function of the wild symbol is to substitute regular coins and raise the chance as well as the amount of the winning. Every activated bonus will be written to the small board which is on the left side of the main playboard. The main special feature of the Coba slot machine is Snake. This is a type of bonus round which gives you a different amount of multipliers as well as more winning combinations. The snake will be activated after landing the Coba symbols. The larger the Coba clusters are, the more amount of payouts will be added to your total winning amount.

With the bonus buy feature, the player has 5 different options. You can pay x2 and get 3 snakes on the third level or you can pay x10 of the stake and get the single snake on the first level. If you pay x25 of the stake, you will get a longer snake on the first level whereas paying x100 will give you 3 snakes on the first and second levels. The most expensive costs x500 of the placed bet and will give you 6 snakes on the fourth level. This bonus buy is an incredible chance to land more winning combinations and get higher payouts.

Is Coba Worth Trying?

We believe this game is definitely worth giving a try since Coba gives a very unique and amazing gaming experience with its graphic artwork as well as gaming rules. The main mechanics are very simple and interesting. The snake bonus feature gives an enormous chance to get great winning combinations. This is also a perfect chance to add more multipliers to the winning amount than from the regular symbol payouts.

We also have to mention the wonderful bonus buy feature which gives players the possibility to choose between the different variations according to their needs.

In addition, the amazing gaming visuals create a very exciting and adventurous atmosphere for players. All in all, Coba is a unique slot game and we advise you to start playing it as soon as possible!

FAQ On Coba

What is the RTP for Coba?

The RTP for Coba is 95% which is a little bit lower than the average standard ratio of the industry. This should not discourage you because, with the high cash prizes and wonderful bonuses, you will still get a good experience.

Does Coba have a bonus round?

Yes! Bonus round for Coba is the special feature of Snake which is activated after landing Coba coins on the reel. The bonuses are depending on the length of the snake which gives the player more landed wild symbols as well as high multipliers.

Can I play Coba for crypto?

Yes, you can! Coba for different cryptocurrencies can be played on the major casino online pages. They allow you to play with BTC, BCH, XRP, LTC, and other popular digital currencies.

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