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Pragmatic Play Slots – Best Pragmatic Games Out There

Pragmatic Play, in fact, is a very young software company, which was created in 2015. The company is headquartered in Malta but has offices all around the world: Ukraine, India, UK, Philippines, Romania, and Gibraltar. Over these years, Pragmatic Play has released more than 180 games and they include all kinds of slots: three reels slots machine, five reels slots machine, card games, and bingo. Besides that, they have an online casino live studio, where you can play Poker, Blackjack, and etc.

In recognition of their work, Pragmatic Play has won several awards, for instance, Game of the Year, Innovation in Slot Provision, Casino Content Supplier of the Year, and best Slot Game, but most importantly, in 2017 they won the Rising Star Software award from EGR. Pragmatic Play only has a license from Malta Gaming Authority, but the company is in the process of getting licenses from other jurisdictions too. Their slots can be played using almost any currency, including crypto, and this fact is noteworthy as we are living in the digital age. In this review, we are going to talk about every little detail of Top Pragmatic Play slot games which are Lucky Lightning, Book of Vikings, Floating Dragon, Day of Dead, and Mystic Chief.

Top 5 Games From Pragmatic Play

Name Volatility Reels Paylines RTP
Lucky Lightning High 5 243 95.56%
Book of Vikings High 5 10 96.5%
Floating Dragon High 5 10 96.71%
Day of Dead High 5 20 96.49%
Mystic Chief High 5 576 96.55%

As I already said, Pragmatic Play has released more than 180 slot games since it was created. Most of them are classical five reels three rows slot and catches our eyes with cheerful colors and high-quality graphics, but the games from this developer have much more to offer to players. First of all, they have a very generous paytable which makes the playing process more satisfying. Secondly, they have a wide range of games from low volatility slots to high volatility ones which makes their games suitable for players with any wish. As you can see, the developer has many special qualities, but when it comes to choosing the best games, the content and aesthetics are the most important components for me. Here are the members of the best Pragmatic Play slot games list that will take you on magical adventures in different parts of the world.

Lucky Lightning

Volatility Reels Paylines RTP
High 5 243 95.56%

Lucky Lightning is a Pragmatic Play crypto slot that was released in 2011 and is a favorite game, not only for me but for many people. RTP of the game is 95.56% which is not overly generous but is not over the edge either. Lucky Lightning is a classical five reels three rows slot which makes the game easier to play as most of the players are already used to playing classical slots. The game is a high volatility slot, which means that it may take longer than low or medium volatility slots to win, but once you do the prize will be worthy of all the waiting. Lucky Lightning has 243 pay lines which is the maximum for classical slot games and gives you the highest chances to win.

Pragmatic Play Games

The paytable is also pretty generous for the slot which has the pay lines number that high. Unique features and wild cards raise your chances even higher, but most importantly, the game has the theme of Ancient Greece and Greek gods which make the gaming process much more enjoyable and interesting. The symbols are also well-thought and make the playing even more satisfying: You can see the eagle, which is the symbol of Zeus, Hera, who is the wife of Zeus, Pegasus – the horse of Hercules, Minotaur – the guard of the labyrinth in Crete, among the playing cards with the background of an ancient Greek temple and flashes of Lightning. These aesthetics make me play Lucky Lightning Unstoppably.

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Book of Vikings

Volatility Reels Paylines RTP
High 5 10 96.5%

Book of Vikings is another classical five reels three rows Pragmatic play Bitcoin slot with creative content by Pragmatic Play. The game was released in July of 2021 and despite being brand new, it has already gained popularity with the players. If you are a fan of Vikings and Scandinavian legends, like me, the game will be very impressive for you. Once you start playing you will see a beautiful view of Scandinavian mountains and a lake with floating Viking boats in it. The symbols of the game, Viking helmet, horn, warrior man and woman, and the wild card – book, are also connected to the game aesthetics and the ordinary symbols, which are the cards from 10 to Ace have the Viking patterns on them too.

Pragmatic Play slots

Book of Viking is also a great choice for you if you love listening to music while playing, as the gaming process is accompanied by the music which will also remind you of the game theme – Vikings. Impressive visuals and audio are not the only things that the game has to offer to its players. Book of Vikings has a generous paytable with ten different pay lines. RTP of the game is 96.5% which means that you are able to win 96.5% of the total bet at some point. Book of Viking is a high volatility slot like Lucky LIghtning which means that the chances to win serious money are pretty high.

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Floating Dragon

Volatility Reels Paylines RTP
High 5 10 96.71%

Floating Dragon is another Pragmatic Play BTC slot that will take you on a breathtaking trip in China. The game is the classical five reels three rows slot with ten different pay lines, but there is nothing classical about its visuals. The theme of the game is kites, which are tightly connected to China, as there is an annual kite festival in Weifang, China, which is thought as the birthplace of kites. The background of the game is full of Sakura trees which also is a symbol of eastern Asian culture. The cards of the game are kites in different shapes and colors and the main character, Dragon wild card which also is a part of Chinese traditions. The music of Floating Dragon is also connected to Chinese motives and helps you feel the Asian flavor even more fluently.

Pragmatic Play Games

Despite having impressive aesthetics, the content still is not the greatest thing about this slot. Floating Dragons offer the players several unique features such as wild cards, scatter symbols free spins, and bonus rounds. In fact, the game has two different bonus rounds which come with new opportunities and rises your chances of winning big money at the highest. The bonus rounds have additional rules and symbols which help get lucky and it makes the game even more entertaining. RTP of Floating Dragon is 96.71% which is not surprising as the game has a very generous paytable. Given the circumstances, you may already assume, that Floating Dragon is a high volatility slot, and you are completely right, which is another great news if you are seeking the opportunity to win a serious prize.

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Day of Dead

Volatility Reels Paylines RTP
High 5 20 96.49%

Day of Dead is one of the best Pragmatic Play slots as it has become instantly popular from the moment it was released. The game has an aesthetics of the Mexican holiday – Day of the dead which carries lots of sentiments for Mexican people and not only them. Day of Dead is a High volatility slot with the RTP of 96.49% which is not overly generous but is not a low number either. The game comes with 20 different pay lines and eleven paying symbols to get the winning combinations. Once you start playing you will see a playing board with five reels and four rows and background the Mexican graveyard. The mysterious audio which imitates the sounds of the ghosts makes the environment even more intense.

Pragmatic Play crypto slots

Besides the regular symbols, the game has special cards which trigger unique features of Day of Dead. The slot has two wild cards, the green one that substitutes every other symbol in the winning combinations except the scatter and the bonus cards, and the one with the gravestone on it, which is the expanding wild, and whenever it heats it fills the whole reel and triggers the Walking Wild Respin Feature. Day of Dead also has a scatter symbol that appears in the base game and triggers a bonus round if you are lucky enough to get three, four or five of these symbols anywhere on the display. There also is a collectible symbol, which is a gravestone and can transform into the expanding wild symbol.

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Mystic Chief

Volatility Reels Paylines RTP
High 5 576 96.55%

Mystic Chief is one of the Pragmatic Play casino slots which is very popular with players all around the world. The game is a high volatility slot and the RTP is 96.55% which means that players have an opportunity to win 96.55% of the whole bet at some point. Mystic Chief has an aesthetics of American Indians civilization and everything is connected to the theme. Once you start playing you will see a beautiful background of the night sky with falling stars and native camps below. The total number of maximum ways to win is 576 which is a pretty high number. The playing board is pretty unusual too as it has five reels and a changing number of rows: The first and the last reels have three rows while the middle ones have four.

Pragmatic Play crypto casino games

The symbols are also connected to the aesthetics as you can see American Indians, their attributes, and native animals among them. Besides the paying symbols, the game has special cards which trigger the unique features of Mystic Chief. The wild card, which is a chief himself, can replace any other paying symbol in the winning combinations. The bonus symbols trigger the bonus round if you are lucky enough to get three or more of these symbols on the reels. There also is a scatter symbol that appears only in the second, third, or fourth reels and triggers the free spin round. All these special symbols and unique features, with an impressive visual, make the Mystic Chief one of the best Pragmatic Play crypto casino games.

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What Make Pragmatic Play Games Unique?

If you still can not see why are the games developed by Pragmatic Play so unique, let me tell you everything in a more detailed way. Pragmatic Play has more than 180 games and each of them is different and special. The creative content and beautiful aesthetics give every player an opportunity to find the most suitable game for them. Even if you do not know what are you looking for, you can easily choose the game which will fulfill your wishes from the wide range of games offered on the Pragmatic Play website. The only difficulty you may face is that all the games are very entertaining. If the visuals have no meaning for you and the attributes are the main component while you are choosing the game, Pragmatic Play will still surprise you. The developer has every kind of game from classical slots to crazy games with unique features. You can choose between the different number of pay lines, volatility, and RTP and even choose the interesting bonuses as games have a wide range of bonus rounds too. So, if you ask me, what is so unique about Pragmatic Play games, I will say that the variety of games is what makes the developer so special.

Pragmatic Play slots

Where Can I Play Pragmatic Play Games?

After reading this review, I am almost sure that you want to check out some of the games developed by Pragmatic Play. Given the circumstances, it will not be a surprise if I say that there are dozens of casino websites that have the developer’s games. If you want to find all Pragmatic Play Games in one space, you should check the developer’s official website and I am sure that it will take hours until you will be able to stop playing. It is important to choose where you want to play according to the currency which you are going to bet. If you want to play using your local currency, you should check local casino websites, if you are going to bet US dollars, almost any casino website will be suitable, and if you are going to bet cryptocurrency, you have to find the casinos which offer both, crypto services and the developer games, on their website. As the popularity of cryptocurrency raises, there already are several casinos with such offers, for instance, Avalon 78, Bitstarz, or BAO Casino.

FAQ on Pragmatic Play

Does Pragmatic Play have a license?

The developer already has the license from Malta Gaming Authority and is actively working on getting licenses from other jurisdictions too.

What does the developer have to offer to its users?

Besides the wide range of slot games developed by Pragmatic Play, you can find Live Casino, Bingo, Drops and Wins, Promo Tools, and other fun activities on their website.

Are Pragmatic Play slots worthy of trying?

The developer offers more than 180 different games to its users and all of them have different content and aesthetics. Besides the impressive visuals and matching audio, the games have much to offer: A wide range of pay lines, generous payables, different RTP and volatility, unique features, and bonus rounds, you can this variety in the games developed by Pragmatic Play and it will not be unfair to say, that you will definitely find at least one game which is suitable for your budget and fulfill your wishes perfectly.

Can I play Pragmatic Play free?

Yes, playing Pragmatic Play games free is possible and it is a great opportunity to test the games and rate them properly. It is noteworthy that thanks to its unique features and impressive aesthetics, playing the developer’s game for free is almost as annoying and entertaining as betting.

Can I play Pragmatic Play games using cryptocurrency?
                                         If you use the casino website which offers crypto services to their clients, using crypto to play the developer’s game is completely possible. For instance, you can visit 22Bet, Bitstarz, or mBit Casino websites.

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