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Play’n Go Overview – Meet a High Quality Content Supplier!

The Swedish software developer Play’n Go has been creating outstanding games since 1997 but was officially founded in 2004. Since then, Play’n Go has released more than 50 games in 30 different languages and most of them are adapted for Android and iPhone. The software developer focuses on top slots and that is the reason why we can find Play’n Go games on high-class casino websites. Besides being many people’s favorite, Play’n Go is an award-winning developer, for instance, their game – “Legacy of Egypt” has recently been awarded the aperture of the year at the AskGamblers Award.

The slots developed by the company have impressive visuals, interesting themes, and special features that make them even more fun and interesting. For all these reasons the company gained the trust of the users and is very popular nowadays. In this review, we are going to talk about the top Play’n Go slot games which are The Wild Class, Sisters of The Sun, Diamonds of The Realm, Court of Hearts, and Legacy of Egypt.

Top 5 Games From Play’n Go

Name Volatility Reels Paylines RTP
The Wild Class High 5 20 96.2%
Sisters of The Sun High 5 Cluster pay 96.2%
Diamonds of The Realm High 5 20 96.26%
Court of Hearts High 5 10 96.27%
Legacy of Egypt High 5 30 96%

As I already said, Play’n Go makes its users happy pretty often. Most of their games are equipped with high-quality graphics, an interesting theme that makes playing more entertaining, satisfying audio that makes games more intense, and simple rules which make playing easy. These are the main reasons why players love Play’n Go’s games and wait impatiently for new ones. Besides having so many good things in common, some games still are better than others and we have chosen the top five games from the Play’n Go slots list.

The Wild Class

Volatility Reels Paylines RTP
High 5 20 96.2%

If you are a fan of 80’s horror movies, you are going to love The Wild Class. It is one of the best Play’n Go crypto slots and it is not surprising at all that The Wild Class has instantly become popular from the moment it was released. The game is a high volatility slot and the RTP of The Wild Class is 96.2% which means that you will be able to get 96.2% of your bet back at some point. The slot comes with 20 different pay lines and a classical five reels and three rows playing board.

Play'n Go Games

The game set is an amusement park and the main characters are college seniors: Jess, Mike, and Chris, but they are more than just a cheerleader, a football team captain, and a bookworm. They have a terrible secret that needs to be hidden from other classmates: when the full moon appears, they turn into bloodthirsty werewolves. The symbols of the game are related to the theme and the cards have the ability to shift into the extra wild, just like the characters shift into werewolves.

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Sisters of The Sun

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Volatility Reels Paylines RTP
High 5 Cluster pay 96.2%

Sisters of The Sun is another Egyptian-themed Play’n Go Bitcoin slot but is completely outstanding from other slots with a similar theme. The game is a high volatility slot and it has the RTP of 96.2% which is pretty high but is not overly generous. Sisters of The Sun has a playing board with five reels and five rows and the game comes with the cluster pay.

Play'n Go Slots


The Sun God Ra has bestowed powerful gifts upon his descendants, the Egyptian goddesses Sekhmet, Hathor, and Bastet. Each now with a unique gift can harness the power of the sun and cast light and fortune on the favored. So, it’s probably best to stay on their good side.

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Diamonds of The Realm

Volatility Reels Paylines RTP
High 5 20 96.26%

The RTP of Diamonds of The Realm is 96.26% which means that you av win 96.26%of the total bet back at some point. Diamonds of The Realm also is a high volatility slot which means that it may take a long to win, but the prize will be worthy of waiting. The game is classical five reels and three rows slot game with 20 different pay lines. but there is nothing classical about its visual, which makes the game one of the best Play’n Go BTC slots of all time.

Play'n Go Games

Diamond of The Realm is one of the slot games which obviously shows us that the developer of the game has thought a lot about the theme and visuals. The Theme of the game is one of the legends of King Arthur and Camelot. Stepping back in time once again to the land of Camelot, Queen Guinevere’s precious jewels have been stolen by relentless fiends Morgan and Mordred. Thus, King Arthur and Queen Guinevere must summon their armies and venture into the unknown to retrieve The Diamonds of The Realms.

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Court of Hearts

Volatility Reels Paylines RTP
High 5 10 96.27%

Court of Hearts is one of the best Play’n Go slots as it has quickly gained popularity with players since it has been released in April of 2021. The game is a high volatility slot with the RTP of 96.27% which means that the players have an opportunity to win 96.27% of the total bet at some point. Court of the Heart comes with 10 fixed pay lines and eight paying symbols to get the winning combinations. The game has a classical playing board with five reels and three rows and special features which make the game much more entertaining.

Play'n Go crypto slots

Once you start playing you will find yourself in the wonderland with Alice. The main characters are the same as the characters in Alice in wonderland – the story of Lewis Carroll. The unique features of the game – The Rabbit Hole bonus, Rabbit reward, Free spins bonus with the pocket clock symbols, and the wild cards with the eval queen of the hearts and cat on it, are also connected to the game aesthetics and create a magical playing environment.

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Legacy of Egypt

Volatility Reels Paylines RTP
High 5 30 96%

Legacy of Egypt is the top Play’n Go slot game as it has recently been awarded the aperture of the year at the AskGamblers Award. The game is a very high volatility slot and the RTP of the game is 96% which means that the players have a chance to win 96% of the whole bet at some point. Legacy of Egypt comes with 30 fixed pay lines and ten paying symbols to get the winning combinations. Once you start playing you will see a classical playing board with five reels and three rows and background of Ancient Egyptian temple.

Play'n Go BTC slots

Besides the ordinary symbols, the game has special cards which trigger the unique features of the game: the wild card can substitute all the paying symbols in the winning combinations, the scatter symbols, which is a pyramid, will trigger free spins if you are lucky enough to get three of them on the reels, the wild scatter acts as the wild card in the free spins bonus, the game also has the wheel of god bonus which raises your chances of winning big money on the highest level.

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What Makes Play’n Go’s games unique?

Play’n Go has many special slots in the list of the games developed by them. The games do not lose their popularity over the years and remain the favorite for many players all around the world. What is the secret behind success like that? What makes Play’n Go casino slots so unique? The reasons are several, for instance, high RTP, easy rules, and generous paytable, but in my opinion, the main reason for the love Play’n Go receives is the exquisite visuals and interesting themes.

Play'n Go Slots

As you read in the last paragraph, most of the games have storylines that make the playing process more entertaining. Having some kind of goal makes every activity more enjoyable and makes you more motivated and having a backstory gives you motives and an aim. The visual of the game, from symbols to the background, always matches the main theme and the wild cards and special features are connected to the story as well. The music accompaniment and sound effects are also matchable to the aesthetics and make everything even more magical.

Where Can You Play Play’n Go’s Games?

After reading this Play’n Go review, It would be logical if you wanted to check some of their games out. As several websites offer the games to their clients, Finding Play’n Go games is really easy, just like their rules. You can also check their website in order to see all the games developed by Play’n Go.

Having the ability to test the games by playing them free is very important and it is noteworthy, that most of their games have free play versions, which thanks to their great themes and special features, are almost as enjoyable as betting. As the cryptocurrencies are rising, lots of people are interested in crypto betting and it is interesting if Play’n Go games give us an opportunity to bet the cryptocurrency. Fortunately, the answer is positive. There are many casinos that offer their clients both, crypto services and a wide choice of Play’n Go games, on their website, for instance, 22Bet, 7Bit Casino, or Bitstarz.

FAQ on Play’n Go

Are Play'n Go games easy to play?

Despite having many rules and several unique features, playing Play’n Go games still is pretty easy and just like other slots, you simply need to click the spinning button and wait for the lucky combination.

Does Play'n Go have simple games?

The answer is depended on what do you mean under the world simple. If you mean the rules and easiness of the playing process, then yes, most of the games are like that, but there is nothing simple and plain about the theme and aesthetics of Play’n Go games.

What is so special about Play'n Go slots?

Besides having a generous paytable and unique features, Play’n Go slots have much more to offer. The games give the players an aim, which makes them more motivated to play. Interesting storylines and beautiful aesthetics of their games make playing even more enjoyable and entertaining.

Can I play Play'n Go games using cryptocurrency?

Yes, Playing Play’n Go game using cryptocurrency is completely possible if you use the website of casinos that offer crypto services to their clients. In the modern world, there are several websites, which offer both, crypto services and a wide assortment of Play’n Go games, for instance, 7Bit Bitcoin Casino, 22 Bet, or Bitstarz.

Can I play Play'n Go games free?

Yes, it is possible to play Play’n Go games for free, and thanks to its unique features and impressive visuals, it is almost as satisfying as betting.

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