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Banana Town – Enjoy The Colorful Game With Special Features

Are you a fan of old video games? Then you should definitely know of a very well-known and popular video game called Donkey Kong which was a gamers’ favorite game in the 1980s. This was a new era in the video game industry with colorful backgrounds and impressive unique characters. A very prestigious and leading game provider called Relax Gaming recently released the slot machine which is fully inspired by the Donkey Kong video game. This slot is called Banana Town and was released at the beginning of July 2022. This is the ticket to the 1980s gaming world with funny monkey characters and more winning possibilities. So if you are looking for something nostalgic and impressive game journey, Banana Town is the perfect choice for you!

Banana Town is the game with 6 reels and 5 rows. With the classic slot machine structure, the provider suggests great features for playing which makes a perfect atmosphere for both experienced and new slot gamers. The volatility level is very high and the RTP is over the average standard level. More specifically, it equals 96.12%.

To start this magical and enjoyable journey, you need to place at least 0.10 USD as a bet. The maximum amount of bet is 50 USD.  Banana Town offers the maximum payout of x10 000 the initial stake which gives you a chance to win 500 000 USD in total. The volatility is high the winning is pretty realistic with the bonus features such as free spins, bonus-buy, and most importantly the bonus symbol features.

With the accessibility level, Relax Gaming provides a great opportunity for every device user with the HTML5 technology. This means that every device user can have high-quality direct access to the Banana Town mobile version no matter whether they use a tablet, desktop, or different type of smartphone device. You can also try Banana Town demo mode which is a great way to play risk-free and minimize the chance of losing.

RTP Maximum Win Reels Paylines Volatility
96.12% x10 000 6 - High

Banana Town – Visuals And Audio

Banana Town is a completely different gaming experience with nostalgic 1980s vibes as well as old video game aesthetics. The game will be more emotional if you were playing the old video games with low-quality pixel animations and tones of colors. Banana Town is a real ticket to the 80s digital world and that is why this is unique and brings different emotions to every kind of player.

The storyline takes place in 80s America where the Wolf Street aesthetic instead of money illustrates bananas. The main characters are different monkeys. The boss with the cigar is on the balcony while two smiling monkeys are protecting the door of the bank.

The main playboard is simply designed. This is a blue board with light-blue frames. The reels are not divided with specific lines. Next to the board are nine little boards with the banana and monkey symbols. These blurred boards will light after activating different types of bonuses.

It will not be a surprise if we say that the characters are representing the main players of the Donkey Kong video game. In Banana Town, you will play with blue, red, green, and yellow bananas and different-looking monkeys. Two of them are small kid monkeys with hats and the other ones are the same monkeys who are playing and beating each other next to the playboard.

If you ever played Donkey Kong then the soundtrack of Banana Town is very familiar to you but if you do not, do not worry, because you will still be impressed by positive melodies and high rhythms which create more colors in the gameplay. The harmonic and dancing-vibe music will make your gaming experience more fun.

Banana Town – How Do You Play It?

Banana Town includes 5 rows and 6 reels. This means that for getting a different amount of payouts or different bonuses, you need to land a minimum of 8 symbols on the reel. Banana Town includes different colored bananas. They are the lowest-paying symbols. The minimum amount of payout you can get from blue, green, red, and yellow bananas is x0.50 of the stake whereas the maximum is from x2 to x3 of the stake.

The game has two junior monkeys. They are medium-paying symbols and give you multipliers from x1 to x4 of the stake. Another two monkeys with golden earrings and sunglasses are paying more. The minimum amount of multipliers you can get from them is from x1.50 to x2. By landing at least 12 of these symbols you will raise the winning by x12 of the stake. The boss monkey with the cigar is the main character and the highest-paying symbol. By matching this symbol on the reel you will be able to raise the winning by x4, x8, and x12 of the placed bet.

The special thing with these symbols is that each of them can increase their own amount of payouts randomly. Does not matter will it be a low or medium-paying symbol, they can raise your winning by x1, x2, x4, x8, x16, x32, and x64 of the stake.

Another special symbol from Banana Town is the bonus symbol which is the golden animation of USD. If you match at least three of these symbols on the reel, you will activate Banana Town free spins. During the free spin rounds, randomly can be activated Multiplier Upgrade feature. Also, if you land more bonus symbols during the free spin round, you will get more free spins.

The game also includes a bonus-buy feature which costs x100 of the stake and gives you a guaranteed landed free spin feature which is the way to a better amount of winnings. In addition, activating the free spin round means getting closer to the highest amount of payout which is x10 000 of the total stake.

Is Banana Town Worth Trying?

Banana Town is a very different game including aesthetics as well as features. So if you want to experience a unique gaming journey with unforgettable emotions, then Banana Town is the best choice for you. The great conditions such as high cash prizes, RTP levels, and betting required ranges make the game a great choice for new players too.

In addition, you have a great chance to win 500 000 USD and increase the winning chances with Banana Town free spins, bonus-buy, and Multiplier Upgrade features. With the randomly activated bonuses and great chances to increase the level of landing winning combinations, we can say that Banana Town is worth your time, money, and attention!

FAQ On Banana Town

What is the RTP for Banana Town?

The RTP for Banana Town is 96.12% which is more than the average RTP ratio. This means that the player will get 96.12 USD back on average from the 100 USD total placed bet.

Does Banana Town have a bonus round?

The bonus round in Banana Town is a free spin round where randomly can be activated the special feature of Multiplier Upgrade and the player randomly receives the payouts from x1 to x64 of the total stake.

Can I play Banana Town for crypto?

Banana Town for different digital cryptocurrencies can be played on different online casino web pages. They allow you to play for Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and other popular digital coins.

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