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Animal Madness Review – Enjoy With High Multipliers In The Wild Farm

Animal Madness is a brand new video slot game from the top game provider called Play’n GO. The game was released in April 2022 and soon became a very popular and frequently played game among the players. The game is special with its fun and adventurous theme which creates a wonderful and enjoyable gaming experience with the great offers of different bonuses. So if you are looking for a special and different gaming journey, the Animal Madness crypto game is just the perfect for you!

During the playing, you will visit the animal farm where fun and unique characters are creating the playboard with 5 rows and 5 reels. The number of bets is quite low and affordable. More specifically, the minimum amount of bet is 0.1 USD whereas the player can place a bet with a maximum of 100 USD. Animal Madness features a medium volatility level and the maximum payout you can expect from the slot machine is x2 250 of the total stake. That is a pretty high number with the consideration of the maximum bet number so Animal Madness is also an interesting slot for those who aim to win high amounts of money.

With the RTP level, the game has a higher ratio than the average level of RTP and equals 96.20%. This adventurous and fast-paced slot game is also special with the diverse bonus features that create a high chance of winning for all types of players, no matter their experience. More specifically, with these fun and wild animals, you can enjoy cascade, rabbit, and sunflower destruction special features which is a great way to raise a chance of winning bigger numbers.

For accessibility, we have to say that games can be played from any device. That means that the Animal Madness mobile version is available for both iOS and Android users as well as desktop and tablet device users. Thanks to HTML5 technology, any device user can have access from their browser and enjoy this dynamic gaming adventure.

If you want to try this unique slot game without creating an account, you can play the Animal Madness demo version on many online casino web pages or from the official page of Play’n GO. This is the perfect chance for new users who just want to learn more about the gaming principles and try the game for fun.

For those, who want to try and experience this wonderful fun game, check our Animal Madness guide, where we will outline several key aspects to describe the gaming atmosphere you will enjoy, the game principles, and most importantly, the diverse bonus opportunities for bigger wins.

Animal Madness Overview

RTP Maximum Win Reels Paylines Volatility
96.20% x2 250 5 - Medium

Animal Madness – Visuals and Audio

During the playing of Animal Madness, you will enjoy a lot of fun and colorful visuals. From the title, it is already outlined that the main theme is about animals. That is correct! The slot game brings you to the wild animals’ farm, where you will find nicely animated different characters with a lot of adventure and mayhem. The quality of the graphic visuals is wonderful and 3D effects are creating a more adventurous aesthetic. When you start playing, in the background you will see a pretty realistic farm with a great landscape of sunflowers and green fields. You will also see some farm buildings with different animals.

The playboard is also connected to the game theme and is framed with wooden elements. The settings and other structural symbols are also designed nicely, with wooden elements. With this nice and joyful atmosphere, unique characters bring more excitement to the users. More specifically, you will see here regular, low-paying symbols such as pumpkin, tomatoes, and corn, and special symbols, such as sheep, chicken, cow, and goat.

Everyone agrees that audio is also important to create a gaming atmosphere for the players. In Animal Madness, the audio is connected to the farm theme and is quite joyful and fun. But if you want to experience the gaming in silence with more concentration, you can easily have control of the sound volume from the settings button.

Animal Madness  – How Do You Play It?

Your main goal with Animal Madness is to land at least 4 identical symbols on the same reel. Higher matched symbols mean higher payouts and more bonus features. With the 5×5 type of slot machine, the payout amount depends on the symbols’ paying level. More specifically, there are low and higher-paying symbols. Let’s describe them in detail.

Crops as low-paying symbols include pumpkins, corn, tomatoes, and wheat. Landing at least four of them will give you x0.2 of the total bet. On the other hand, landing at least 4 high-paying symbols will give you multipliers from x0.8 to x2 of the stake. These symbols are chicken, cow, sheep, and goat.

High-paying symbols can get you multipliers from x40 to x200 of the total bet. For that, the player needs to land at least 18 of the same symbols, in total.  So, with these different multipliers, it is very easy to increase the amount of winning and increase the chance of earning slots’ special features.

Animal Madness Payouts – How Much Can You Win?

As we said before, the minimum bet amount for the game is 0.1 USD and the maximum limit is 100 USD. Despite these small amounts of betting, the high payout still creates a chance to win a big number of rewards. The highest payout is x2 250 of your total place bet which with the consideration of the maximum bet amount gives you the chance to win 225 000 USD. So for those who want to experience and try big winnings, Animal Madness is definitely a great option.

Animal Madness  – Bonus

Animal Madness slot game is special with a diverse choice of bonuses. Here you have a chance to earn three types of bonuses: sunflower destruction, cascade, and rabbit destruction. Let’s start with the cascade feature which creates a winning cluster. If this feature is activated on the reel, all classic symbols will instantly disappear and new symbols will automatically fall until new wins are collected. So, the amount of winning from the cascade feature is changeable.

We also have Sunflower destruction, which is activated by the winning cluster that connects the sunflower symbol. The player will get different bonuses after every 3 cascade creations. For complete activation, the user needs a trigger feature. The different amounts include prizes for the wild symbols and character substitution. More specifically, by three cascades, the player can get 3 wilds with the 1×2 sizes which will be placed randomly on the reel. By 6 cascades, the user will get 2×3 randomly placed wilds whereas via 9 cascades you will see 2 wild symbols with the size of 2×2 and double payouts. And finally, 12 cascades will give you 3×3 wilds on the reel. That is a very good way to increase the winning amount quite significantly.

In addition, the Rabbit destruction feature is activated randomly – this bonus includes 3 different features. The first destruction will delete 3 rows from the setup. The next level will remove again 3 reels of the symbols and the third one will remove all low-paying characters on the reel.

All in all, Animal Madness is a very different and unique slot game that brings joy and adventurous fun to every user. Special bonus offers and high chances of winning bring more excitement during the play. That’s why we can say that Animal Madness is definitely worth giving a try.

FAQ on Animal Madness

What Is The RTP Of Animal Madness?

The RTP for Animal Madness is 96.20%, which is higher than the average RTP of 96.00%. That means that the user has a chance to get back 96.20 USD on average after placing the bet with 100 USD.

Does Animal Madness Have a Bonus Round?

The bonus rounds for Animal Madness include sunflower and Rabbit destruction features, which will give you more winning combinations full of increasing multipliers.

Can I Play Animal Madness For Crypto?

Yes, you can! Play’n GO as a user-friendly platform allows the crypto-users to try this wonderful slot machine. Animal Madness for bitcoin is available on most online crypto casino websites.

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