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4 Fantastic Fish – Fantastic Underwater World With Jackpots

4 Fantastic Fish is an impressive, newly released video slot game from 4ThePlayer. Despite that it was released at the beginning of June 2022, it instantly attracted the players’ attention around the world for numerous reasons. It is a very fun and positive aesthetic game with great features. 4ThePlayer provides a high-quality gaming space with wonderful sound effects and bonus options. With the classic structure of a slot machine, the game offers special features such as different multipliers, respins and bonus buy feature, which gives the equal possibility of increasing winning chances to everyone.

If you love the underwater world and its unique, magical aesthetic, 4 Fantastic Fish is the perfect slot game for you. It includes 4 rows and 6 reels, with the 4 096 betting ways in total. The RTP level is 96.00% which is equal to the average slot game RTP. For those new to gaming, you should know that RTP is the amount of money that will return to the user from the total bet. So, a high RTP means that you have a higher chance of getting your money back.

With these great features and bonus offers, the game is perfect with its high payouts. With the different 12 symbols, the player can significantly raise the total winning amount. Also, the game includes scatter and wild symbols, which activate some bonus features too. With the mentioned special offers, you have a great chance to win the maximum amount of payout which is x15 000 of your total bet. This is a great jackpot option that gives you the chance to win the maximum prize of 1 200 000 USD. The betting requirements are low and affordable. More specifically, to enjoy this fun underwater adventure, you should place at least 0.10 USD and the maximum amount you can place is 80 USD.

RTP Maximum Win Reels Paylines Volatility
96% x15 000 6 4096 High

To conclude, 4 Fantastic Fish is a wonderful slot game with a high RTP and volatility levels. A great number of paylines and challenging and attractive maximum payouts. But, this is not everything about the 4 Fantastic Fish. To maximize the gameplay satisfaction and your gaming experience,  you should check out our review down below, where you will know more about the great winning opportunities.

4 Fantastic Fish Visuals and Audio

What should we expect from the 4 Fantastic Fish slot game is traveling in the underwater world. The game is full of fishes, ocean plants, amazing corals, and other fun-aesthetic symbols. The symbols are 3D animated and the main focus is on the bright colors which bring a more positive vibe to gameplay.

The main background is a seascape during the sunset with bright and contrasting colors. Under the play table, you can see colorful corals and plants. Every button and title is designed with an underwater aesthetic and bright golden colors. In every corner of the background, you will see different sharks and fishes. The main playboard is quite simple and minimalistic. The rows and reels are separated by the rope frames.

The underwater aesthetic becomes more impressive with the different symbols. Here you will play with different fishes, octopuses, sharks, crabs seagulls, rods, fishermen, and others. Even the regular letter and number symbols are designed relevantly with the hooks and swimming floats.

The audio, which is as important as the graphic artwork is completely relevant to the theme and makes the gaming process more fun. The positive music rhythms with different instruments, sea sounds, and calm notes will bring the player into the underwater world.

4 Fantastic Fish – How Do You Play It?

The game structure for 4 Fantastic Fish is the same as the classic slot games but if you are new to gaming, the main fact that you should know is that you need to land at least two identical symbols on the same reel to activate the multipliers. In this 4×6 game, the maximum matching number is six. The amount of the earned multiplier depends on the type of the symbol. The regular symbols include letters and numbers. The medium ones are the box with fishing tools and the fishing poles. The highest paying ones are birds, crabs, and fish. There also are special symbols. The fishing boat acts like a wild and the shark as a scatter bonus symbol.

To start with the lowest symbols like letters and numbers, you have a chance to increase the amount from x0.2 to x2.5 of the total stake. The medium-paying symbols can activate x0.4, x1, x2, and x3 multipliers. The higher paying symbols, crabs, and birds can increase the total winning from x0.2 to x4. The highest paying fishermen symbols can get you multipliers including, x0.4 x1, x3 x5, and x10, after landing six of them.

The gameplay becomes more enjoyable and exciting with the great bonus offers which can give you cash prizes, and winning combinations. Let’s start with the fish symbols. The fish symbols are appearing randomly on the sixth reel and give you different cash prizes with high payouts.

So 4 Fantastic Fish includes four different jackpot offers. The smallest is called the Big jackpot and gives the multiplier of x100. The Super jackpot increases your amount to x500 stake. The third jackpot is called Mega and includes x2 000 of the total bet and the last and highest is Ultra, with the x10 000 of your total stake. The fish sizes mean different amounts of cash prices. So, you will easily understand which jackpot you won.

4 Fantastic Fish respins is another great chance to increase the winning probability. All you need is to match at least three shark symbols that are the scatters. After this, you will get 3 respins. Another unique feature is the big shark on the play table.  On the bonus spin, the swimming shark symbol can appear randomly. The payouts that will be eaten by sharks, will be multiplied by x2 and added to the total winning amount.

As we mentioned before, 4 Fantastic Fish includes a bonus buy feature too. To increase your winning chances, and get more respins and winning combinations, you need to pay x60 of the total stake which is a pretty low price, compared to other slots.

Is 4 Fantastic Fish Worth Trying?

What is more enjoyable to explore the game with wonderful aesthetics, graphic artwork, and even more impressive features and bonus suggestions? 4 Fantastic Fish is a wonderful gaming experience for new and already experienced players. The simple gaming rules and very high winning chances create a lucky gaming journey for every type of player. The provider company proves a high level of focus on customer satisfaction because the game has high RTP, volatility level, great hit frequency level, and most importantly, different options for winning.

With the unique underwater gaming space and impressive designed slot symbols, we truly recommend trying 4 Fantastic Fish immediately. You will enjoy colorful gameplay with high winning chances. So, do not hesitate, to play this slot machine because it is worth your attention!

FAQs on 4 Fantastic Fish

What is the RTP of 4 Fantastic Fish?

The RTP for 4 Fantastic Fish is 96% which equals the average standard level. That means that you have the chance to get back 96 USD if your total bet amounted to 100 USD. Sounds pretty impressive, right?

Does 4 Fantastic Fish have a bonus round?

The bonus round feature for 4 Fantastic Fish is the respin option with 4 fish symbols included. The shark symbol is swimming around the play table and eating the different fish. This gives the user high payout cash prizes.

Can I play 4 Fantastic Fish for crypto?

Yes, you can! 4 Fantastic Fish for real money and crypto is available on the different online casino websites. The cryptocurrency availability is depending on the casino platform. So, check out the currency options first.

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