Tsars Casino – Should It Be Your Favorite iGaming Destination

Tsars Casino – Should It Be Your Favorite iGaming Destination

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Founded in 2020, Tsars.com managed to thrive in the world of gambling and online casinos, offering more than 800 games and slots. Tsars online casino is regulated by Curacao regulatory authorities, it is regulated by Curacao Gaming Authority and has an active license as well. This online casino offers its gamblers the opportunity to use cryptocurrency to fund and withdraw from their gaming accounts, besides classic payment methods such as credit cards and e-wallets.

Tsars online casino website is packed with everything a player would need, which is the main concept of the people behind this casino, responsible gaming where everyone can enjoy and play safely. They do not only incorporate a high-security level and legislative registration background, but they also partner with one of the best games developers offering as many games as possible to host as many players as possible

Gamblers enjoy playing in Tsars online casino since it is new, the website interface is sophisticated and addresses all players’ expectations, besides the generous tournament and grand prizes featured in this website that attracts most players, who can win a lot of awards by participating and playing with tsars.com

Tsars casino review

What Does it mean to be registered in Curacao?

Curacao is a small island located in the South of the Carrebian Sea, and part of the Dutch Antilles. Recently it has grown as a hotspot for online casino websites, for security reasons, Curacao authorities have established the “Curaçao Gaming Control Board” which monitors all the iGaming activities registered on the island.

Since then, it has become the casinos’ favorite due to the low entry fees, favorable tax rates, and the clear-cut rules when it comes to processing the applications and paperwork submitted to operate a casino. However, this does not compromise the control and the responsibility of casino operators, because once they are fully licensed, they are granted a master’s license and they become fully responsible for all the activities in the casino and are liable if they perform anything fishy.

Tsars casino review

Tsars casino is a brand that belongs to RR Investments N.V. which is regulated under the Curacao Gaming Authority and holds a registered license, which numbers and codes are disclosed on their website as they take the security of their players very seriously. Tsars online casino does follow a very strict framework in terms of the security of their players’ personal information.

All payment methods registered with their accounts are guaranteed smooth funding and withdrawal methods, add to that, they do care about children’s access to the online casino, and to ensure that Tsars casino is legit, they implement age-restricted access which they are very strict about it, players are asked to submit a utility bill to proof the creditability of a player, add to that, player are also requested to submit identity proof to verify their age and the clarify of any suspicious background or history.

What Games Can You Find in Tsars Casino

One thing that every player enjoys here, is that there is no lack of games, Tsars online casino partners with top games developers, such as Yggdrasil, NetEnt, Evolution Gaming, and more, to offer its players a huge catalog of games. Players can filter games by developers, search their games by name or by first letters, as well as selecting favorite games so they can easily come back to them later.

Games in this online casino might have a “play for fun” option, where players can start the game immediately without the need to place any bets from their gaming accounts, it could be as a practice before they indulge in betting, other than that, there are live casino games where players can join on the go, these are games that are currently happening hosted by the websites and millions of players are involved at the same time, this option is considered the players favorite because it simulates the real fact of a physical classic casino.


Slot games, the classic ways to play in the casino, probably every player has come across this type of game and remains a favorite. It has developed from slot machines initiated by a lever pull to a simple view of reels and columns, reels and columns are usually 4×5 or 3×5 with different symbols that are thematic with the game, it could be fruity, ancient symbols, animals, etc. winning in this type of games is achieved by matching a winning line or what is called a pay line of matching symbols, while the fun comes when the combo is activated by getting matching pay lines consecutively.

Tsars casino review


For adventure admirers, who prefer games with a quest and story behind the game to stay engaged, this type of game is their go-to, every game developer works innovatively to plot the most sophisticated story behind a game, and players are the only beneficiaries from this competition, different stories can be behind this type of games, either horror, comedy, daily life, and many more just according to the creativity of the games developers.

Tsars casino review

Live Casino

A new, and probably the most innovative way to keep players engaged, in a real-life simulating game that brings lots of players together on the same table, gambling and playing for their joy vying for a prize at the end of the game. This type of game is getting nothing but more creative, with live game dealers are broadcasted with different camera angles, and players can usually interact with the game dealer and with other players to add a unique experience to the casino players.

Tsars casino review

Add to other tabs that include top picks that are favorites of the majority of players, this option brings up the games that most players enjoy so that others or new players can share with them the experience and the same fun, there is also the option of feature games, which brings the newly added games, or newly updates ones that developers of the casino are confident that players are going to enjoy new features added to these specific games

Games are directly launched on the website, no need for any kind of installation or download, as the website incorporates a smooth interface that games are quickly starting, Besides, featured games that the website offers when new games are launched, and Tsars picks which are basically the top picks games of the online casino players, such as blackjack, roulette games, quest adventures, and lots of reel-based casino games.

Responsible Gaming

One thing that Tsars online casino prominently provide is educating the new gamers about the rules of the games, whether it is a roulette game, casino, blackjack, or baccarat, the game rules section provides all the necessary information any new gamer will need to know before starting any game in a well explained PDF file of multiple pages per each type of game, coming from the notion that gaming shall be a fun activity, and not a risk activity putting someone’s funds on the edge

Tsars online casino do really consider that gaming shall be a joyful experience, therefore, they promote that games do come with a risk factor, and they explain what are the physical and psychological harms associated with gaming addiction.

As well, they offer their players ways to self-control over gaming, it is explained that gaming is designed to have fun alongside taking risks, and not a source of income, the website offers ways to self-exclude in case players get too attached to gaming by setting limits on daily allowed playtime, which can be set daily, weekly, or monthly, there are also easy and clearly explained steps for account cancellation, besides some sources to seek for help and how to plan for self-exclusion and therapies.

Children access to casinos and gambling is strictly controlled in Tsars.com, because it does not only go against the rules of the licenses and the regulations that they abide by but also due to the harm it can cause to children at a younger age, parental controls are offered on the website, where parents can filter gambling websites and hinder the access to their children to such websites, as well as offering guidelines on how to do so using some website that offer relevant help.

Signing Up at Tsars

To start your account in Tsars Crypto Casino, there is quite a simple process that is basically filling up the personal information, followed by funding your account with balance and then start receiving your starting bonus, Tsars casino has a “welcome promotion” for every new player which includes bonus rates and a generous number of free spins, this promo does not stop at the first deposit only, it keeps on rolling to further deposits to keep their players intrigued, which is arranged to the number of deposit made into the account;

  • 1st-time depositor will receive a 100% bonus, up to €300, and 100 free spins
  • 2nd-time depositors will receive a 50% bonus,  up to €300, and 100 free spins
  • 3rd-time depositors will receive a 40 % bonus, up to €400
  • 4th-time depositors will receive a 25% bonus, up to €1000

Promotions at Tsars Online Casino

A generous feature at Tsars, is the variety of promotions and awards that keep the players engaged to enjoy their playtime on the online casino, they roll out occasional daily and weekly promotions, as well as one-at-a-time bonuses that include various giveaways for the players.

Welcome Pack

A greeting offer by tsars, that provides new players with a generous pack so they can kick-start their journey successfully and joyfully, this pack includes €2000  in deposit bonus and 200 free spins, that players can use anytime they play to increase their chances of winning.

Daily Bonus

Something that every player awaits every day, this one gives the players either a cashback or free spins, it differs depends on the activity of the players, the names of the winners are announced every day on the website, and the awards are reflected on the winners’ accounts the next day, and valid for the upcoming three days.

Wednesday Mystery Bonus

This is another exciting feature that Tsars Online Casino offers, players only need to log in to their accounts on Wednesday, check their profile for a hidden gift, that only becomes known when the r player clicks on it and reveals the bonus that they earn.

Weekend Reload

Tsars.com offers the best to start off after the weekend, start your weekend with a fresh bonus provided by the generous online casino, this one requires logging in on the weekend to receive a 30% bonus on the deposit made, in addition to free spins, as well as more awards on the go as you play.

Deposit & Receive Your Money

Tsars online casino works with almost every payment method possible, from credit and debit cards, e-wallets, and crypto-wallets, every type of payment and withdrawal is possible with Tsars Crypto Casino, processing time, fees, and limits are explained in this section of the website, however, most of these methods take instant effect so that players do not have to wait until they fund or receive their money.

It is stated on the website that there are no registration fees, nor there are deposit fees, player will get exactly the amount of money they deposited, without any hidden charges or commission. Tsars only require a minimum of €/$10 for the deposits, and a minimum of €/$20  for withdrawals.

Using Cryptocurrencies at Tsars Online Casino

Tsars crypto casino promotes the usage of crypto, as a fast and safe way to process funds and transfer, with lower possible fees, because some countries have a very complicated chain of transfers and transactions process that requires an extended period of time, and incur a variety of commission fees and exchange rates.

Players can deposit and withdraw their funds using any cryptocurrency, whether it is Bitcoin, Etherium, Tether, or just any crypto that is known and used.

Tsars casino review

Customers and Players Support

Tsars online casino keep their players engaged by keeping different channels of two-way communication, either via the news section where they communicate important news and announces or via the news feed on the website that any visitor can just scroll by and read whatever is interesting for them

Another channel that keeps the players involved, is the “What’s going on” section, which encompasses a moving feed of what games are currently being played, what live games are happening right now, and who has landed grand awards, maybe they can be taken as an example, or it will mainly attract more player to that very game

Tsars also keeps their players informed about the terms used in the website, so nobody would miss anything, keeping them up about news regarding cryptos, and explaining what is needed about cryptocurrency is the only to keep the players educated and aware of what is this all about,

Everyone has the access to the customer service application link where a query is submitted and a response is quickly generated to get straight to the help of anyone, as well, every player has access to the 24/7 live customer support, whether it is a game-related question or an account query, the live support team is always there to help.

However, for those who require faster information acquisition, the FAQ section is quite comprehensive so one can read about every single section in this online casino website, regarding profile settings, playing security, processing times, and payment method queries, basically it has everything someone might ask about.

A Piece For Everyone

Tsars online casino makes there is a portion for everyone in this game, with their affiliate program, anyone can register themselves as an affiliate, maintain a special link that earns them a stable commission fees stream, that is clear-cut and flexible.

In Conclusion

After a detailed review of Tsars Bitcoin casino, it is needless to say that this is exactly what every online casino gamer would love, a reliable and legit online gambling that ensure them a secure gaming experience, and engaging playing time, offering a variety of games and a variety of categories.

Finally, when the best online games developers are present on the same website, it is guaranteed fun for players, but the way Tsars casino handles it with special attention to keeping the customer involved in every news, keeping ways of communication, and informed their players before, during and after playing about what they shall expect from indulging in playing casino games, what rewards they can expect and how much they can earn.

FAQ on Tsars Features

What cryptos can I use on Tsars

You can use Bitcoin, Etherium, Litecoin, and Tether. Note that these cryptocurrencies have 0% fees on deposits and withdrawals, and are almost instant when it comes to the processing time, however, the minimum requirements might differ according to the cryptocurrency.

Other payment methods supported in Tsars online casino are Mastercard, Visa card, and e-wallets. Their processing time is almost the same as cryptos, and they also have different minimum amount requirements.

Is Tsars a legit online casino

Tsars.com is regulated under Curacao Gaming Authority and is part of RR Investments N.V. that holds an active license to perform casino activities in Curacao, it is also fully liable for all the activities undertaken, meaning that if anything fishy goes on, the company is exposed for juridical charges

What games are available in Tsars casino

Tsars casino offers more than 800 games, they include slot machines games, megaways, roulette, blackjack, and live casinos.

Games are provided by the top online casino game developers around the world, such as NetEnt, Evolution Gaming, and many more.

What promotions can I find in Tsars

Tsars online casino provides a handful of promotions, daily promotions for daily gaming activities, weekly bonuses every Wednesday, and weekend reload that hold different surprises for the players to start their week in the most proper way, these awards include free spins and bonuses on deposits.

How can I contact Tsars customer support

The customer support live chat is online 24/7, they can also be reached by query submission which can be further tracked and resolved.

They provide sufficient information in their FAQ as well, covering almost every section of their website.

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