DuoBetz Casino Review – Scam or Trustworthy?

DuoBetz Casino Review – Scam or Trustworthy?

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When you are choosing a casino, the main priority is to create a very exciting gaming experience that will be enjoyable and profitable at the same time. As it is a priority for you, we also use these two indicators as the main ones when rating an online casino. Today we will talk about one of the new crypto casinos called, DuoBetz. Our aim is not to outline only the positive or negative side of the gaming platform. We aim to show you the reality and create realistic expectations. As you may know, the number of scam casinos are significantly increased. This means that there is a high chance that your personal data and funds in your account are not safe. As safety is an essential part, we will create our recommendations about DuoBetz with the consideration as well as mentioned criteria. So if you are interested in this casino, check every detail down below!

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DuoBetz Casino  – Registration and Safety

The main thing that makes us sure that DuoBetz online casino is not as it seems is the information about safety. More specifically there is no information about its licenses or safety protocol. This is a huge disadvantage that automatically increases the chance that DuoBetz is a scam casino in real. When you visit their website, you will not be able to find any detailed information about them. They have categories like Responsible Gambling and FAQ but there is no useful details that make you sure that your data will be safe on DuoBetz. There is a very interesting detail. In the FAQ section, is a question if your data is safe and protected when you are creating an account and playing DuoBetz games. The answer to this question is very formal and general as it says that they promise that protection quality is high and your data is safe. Here too, is no information about licenses and certificates.

When it comes to registration, everything is very simple. They do not require any specific information or anything. The form is easy and asks you for information about username, password, and e-mail. So as registration is too simple, there is a higher risk that some people may create fake accounts and try to steal others’ funds. Even though they claim that sometimes it is needed to verify your identity, it does not make sense as registration is easy and the risk of unfair gaming is high.

Another unpleasant information about DuoBetz casino is that they are restricted in many countries. So you have to check if you can have an access to this platform. The list of restricted countries is quite long and includes big countries like the USA, the UK, Spain, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, and many others. So most of the citizens of the EU can not have an access to DuoBetz.

Gaming Experience on DuoBetz

Unfortunately, DuoBetz is not the best place if you want to create exciting gaming or betting journey. The aspects that create a user-oriented experience on the online casino platform are poorly represented on DuoBetz. This includes aspects like customer service, availability, device compatibility, and others.

First of all, start with customer service. They offer you online chat which may seem comfortable to use but the unfortunate fact is that you need to wait a long time to get answers. You still need to wait if you decide to contact them via email. As you can see from the safety review, DuoBetz hides most of the important information and is not transparent. So for contact options, there is not available their number or address.

Another disadvantage is poor availability. This can include geographical, language, and technical availability. First of all, the platform can be translated only into some commonly spoken languages such as French, Russian, English, or Spanish. Even though most part of the EU casino is restricted, available languages are mostly spoken in Europe.

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Technical compatibility is also poor and limited. You can only play from a PC or mobile browser. DuoBetz casino does not provide a mobile app which would be very comfortable to have. It is important to know that having good device compatibility is not difficult to have for such types of platforms, as many competitors of DuoBetz have it. Unfortunately, if you decide to play on DuoBetz you need to be in a specific country, you need to have a specific device, and be spoken in some of the mentioned languages. For answers to your questions, you have to be patient, as it takes days to get.

Payment Conditions on DuoBetz Casino

Similar to other criteria, we don’t have good news when it comes to payment conditions on DuoBetz casino. The only good thing is that the casino accepts both, fiats and digital currencies for playing. Also, the availability of cryptos is pretty wide and includes commonly used ones such as BTC, DOGE, and LTC as well as less-known ones such as Cardano, Tron, Shiba Token, and others. If you prefer playing for fiats, you have limited choices for payment methods. DuoBetz only accepts Maestro, MasterCard, and VISA payments.

In addition, the required amount of deposit is not low as it is for competitor casino websites. On DuoBetz you need to pay a minimum of 20 EUR and the equivalent in selected cryptocurrency to start playing for real money. Processing time for depositing is instant. On the other hand, there are uncomfortable limits when it comes to withdrawal. Similar to deposits, bank transfers and accepted crypto wallets are available but not all of them are instant. Most of them take a minimum of a single working day or even more. It is rare to process withdrawal in a few hours or instantly. This can cause problems when you need to cash out as soon as possible. The good news is that there are no additional fees but limits are pretty tight. For fiat playing, you can minimum cash out 100 EUR and a maximum of 5 000 EUR. Most of the competitors like Stake.com and others have higher limits or unlimited withdrawals. Crypto players, also need to consider limits while cashing out.

Payment Conditions on DuoBetz Casino

Bonuses on DuoBetz Casino

If you love creating diverse gaming experiences and decide to play on DuoBetz, we should ruin your expectations. This casino is not great if you need more action to feel or extra bonuses to earn. The promotion system is very poor on DuoBetz crypto casino and only includes very general, standardized ones which are available in any online casino. Let’s overview them in more detail.

For new users, there is a certain welcome package with small bonuses for the first, second, third, and fourth bonuses. For each bonus, you need to have at least 20 EUR on your account and each of them has high wagering requirements starting from x25. For the first deposit you can get a 125% bonus whereas, for the other deposits, the amount is decreasing to 75%. In addition, there is an available Monday Cashback bonus too but the cashback amount is pretty low and is only 10%.

This is all you should expect from DuoBetz online casino. There are no tournaments which would be great to gain gambling experience and get some extra profits. Also, there are no available free spin bonuses whereas the platform includes hundreds of different slot games. The worst thing about the DuoBetz promotion system is that they do not appreciate loyal customers and don’t provide them with VIP clubs or certain loyalty programs. This can cause huge discouragement in users.

Is DuoBetz Worth Trying?

According to the mentioned description and details, we do not recommend you try DuoBetz crypto casino. This is not the platform that will provide you with safety and comfort. The level of user orientation is very low and even zero. First of all, let’s start with safety. A casino that hides information about license and address already is suspicious to trust. If a casino is not licensed, it means that personal data as well as all your deposits or winnings are not protected. You are not also protected from unfair gaming which must be the first priority to handle with.

In addition to safety, customer support quality is very low and users need to wait if they have any questions. Even the DuoBetz casino has a FAQ category, you will not find any useful information there. Also, casino is restricted in many countries and has limited access to different devices. It also does not have a mobile app and guarantees good technical visuality. Note that you have to wait not only for getting answers but also for withdrawal processes.

Finally, you will not be able to get some extra bonuses and the only thing you can get is small bonuses from the welcome package. Without having a loyalty program, you definitely will not stay long on DuoBetz. With consideration of all of this, we recommend avoiding starting your gambling journey on DuoBetz casino.

FAQ On DuoBetz

What crypto can I use at DuoBetz Casino?

There are different digital currencies available such as BTC, LTC, BCH, ETH, DOGE, and many others on DuoBetz casino.

Is DuoBetz a legit online casino?

No, it is not! DuoBetz casino hides all information about safety and there is no official information about their license if they even have one.

Can I play casino games for free at DuoBetz Casino?

No, you can’t. DuoBetz casino only accepts playing for real money and does not have a demo mode. So, you need to register and place a minimum of 20 EUR, if you want to try some games.

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