by Mia Bassham on June 14, 2021

Limited-Time Offer for New SoftSwiss Sportsbook Clients – Discounts up to 25%

As the whole world is watching the 2020 EUFA European Football Championship, SoftSwiss greets all its new sportsbook customers with a limited-time offering along with the standard discount option. The good news is that the discount is not only designed for newcomers but existing users as well. So, if you have been thinking about launching SoftSwiss’s sportsbook project, now is the time.

How Does The Discount Work?

The 2020 EUFA Championship has already started and the whole world is excited about it. SoftSwiss has actually added something more to this excitement, making the whole watching-the-sports experience much more enjoyable. In order to grab a standard discount, you might need to meet a number of criteria set by SoftSwiss itself.

The first thing is that this bonus does not actually stack up with other discounts that may be available currently. As we already mentioned, both – newcomers and loyal members have the chance of using this limited-time offer for their own good. It is also important to note that the discount is specially designed for the Sportsbook solution only, meaning that it can not be applied to other products or services offered by SoftSwiss.

According to the product owner of the SoftSwiss sportsbook, Alexander Kamenetskyi, the company is very happy about the start of the tournament that the whole world and especially Europe, have been waiting for. In order to celebrate this massive event, the company decided to give out something special and memorable, giving new customers the ability to join the company’s board. SoftSwiss is looking forward to new interesting projects with its SportsBook platform.

How Long Does the Offer Last?

This new discount started at the end of May and has caught the attention of the sports betting industry newcomers. The bonus we mentioned earlier in this article is up to 25% in total and is available until the end of Euro 2020 (which is on July 11th).

SoftSwiss has launched its Sportsbook platform at the end of 2020 and it has been expanding ever since. Recently, the company has moved to the Indian market with the Premium Cricket Package. SoftSwiss is actively working on the development of the sports betting industry. Lately, it has launched three different types of bets such as OnlyWin, NoRisk, and AllWin. We are looking forward to new features that are going to be launched later in 2021.

By Mia Bassham

Mia Bassham

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